Robin a Best Buy Timed Exclusive. Being Released As DLC After Game's Launch Robin will be available for everyone as DLC after Batman: Arkham City's release.

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Yi-Long2403d ago

... and I'm not buying an incomplete game, so I guess I'll be waiting till there's a GOTY-release coming out.

NukaCola2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Pre order DLC usually is free when it releases to everyone. Plus 99% os Arkham DLC was free. I rather wait then not get it at all, & this is challenge room DLC, not story DLC right?

ikkokucrisis2402d ago

Having people pay for DLC is the worst business case ever conceived:

Wouldn't you rather have 1 new satisfied customer spend $60, than 60 existing ANNOYED customers pay $1 for each extra DLC?!

I_find_it_funny2402d ago

I'm not interested in challenge rooms, all I want is story, so this time those dlc gimmicks don't bother me.

Rocket Sauce2403d ago

I can't buy a game on day one when I know they're just going to pull this shit.

I'll get my hands on it when the price drops, maybe around Black Friday.

StanLee2402d ago

Man fuck these publishers and these bullshit gimmicks! I'm really getting tired of retailer specific DLC and DLC in general. Fuck it! I'll rent it from Gamefly finish the story and send it back. This is just ridiculous!

Tyler Durden2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

I remember the good old days where content like this was on the disk and you would have to do something extremely difficult to get it. I miss those days.

DrRichtofen2403d ago

Cool he looks like the Robin from the Batman Forever movie, can't wait to play as him.

fuzion17c2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

He should look like this instead!


Black & White shot w/ hair:


Photoshop Credit to: "frogsplash45"(IGN Boards, PS3 Lobby).

Has been submitted to Rocksteady for analysis already. It's kinda ironic that he looks like Cole from Infamous. Sucker Punch changed his hair during development. Hopefully they change Robin's hair before Arkham City releases too!

Quagmire2402d ago

His shaven head gives him the badass attitude we woulvdve seen from the second Robin, the one who was killed by Joker then turned into Red Hood.

Not sure why they chose this design, yet decided to name him as the third Robin.

Merivigian2402d ago

The colored version of the bald robin doesn't look too bad. But I do like more hair. Btw for the photo shopping, Tim Drake's costume ditched the green and was only red black and yellow. (Including his robin costume and his red robin costume)

BLAKHOODe2403d ago

This news makes me very happy, as I didn't want to preorder the game from Best Buy. I actually want to pick it up at Kmart, because I know they'll probably offer something like a $20 coupon with it.

InTheLab2402d ago

And this will be the game that makes me a hypocrite.

I swore up and down I'd boycott any game that screws you over and forces you to go to a Gamestop or Best Buy...

But it's Batman...can't help myself.

FunAndGun2402d ago

So would Batman be pleased with your loyalty, or disappointed by your weak will? :)

Forbidden_Darkness2402d ago

Same here man, after having played the first one (buying it for only like 25 dollars), I feel the developers deserve my full 60 bucks, plus maybe how ever much this DLC costs (if anything), because the first game blew me away and is by far one of the best games I have ever played. I'm glad I took a chance on the game, because after I had played the demo, I didn't like it really, but the full game is a hell of alot better and the Arkham City looks is more amazing.

So, if being a hypocrite is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Varodor2402d ago

Being Released As DLC After Game's Launch
NOOOOOOOOOOOO111!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

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The story is too old to be commented.