Gamer Gaia Editorial: Battlefield 3 says, "Frostbite 2.0 me, Call of Duty."

Felling an industry giant is no easy task. One must first create a product that is worthy of being called a competitor before even thinking about the hardest part: stealing the competition’s fanbase. The latter of the two is next to impossible if the game in reference is Call of Duty. You slap the Call of Duty moniker on anything and people will buy it. Fanboys the world over have been supporting the franchise year and year with blind loyalty, but a new kid is on the block and ready to square off with one of the meanest, most abusive games in the industry: Battlefield 3... and it may just win.

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GregoryAllen2346d ago

I'm so sick of CoD. Is there nothing else?

GetoverHere1222346d ago

I'm way more excited for Battlefield 3 than the last two CoD's combined.

rmoar2346d ago

Agreed, I sorely miss large scale combat and teamwork, something CoD has been lacking in spades.

Hicken2346d ago

Well, the hard part here is, you guessed it: the fanboys. Sadly, almost everybody who plays CoD is a fanboy. To them, nothing else even compares.

Battlefield will likely be better, but fanboys never care about what's actually better, or why.

ForTheFallen2346d ago

I think I'll pre-order battlefield now...

Crazyglues2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Right behind you player... Amazon got release-day delivery free for prime members -that's all I was waiting for...

So I'm ordering Right now too..


Organization XII2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

same here


MilkMan2346d ago

Battlefield was always better, but COD is action pure and simply for the masses.

You actually have to think a bit in Battlefield. So right there you alienated 95% of all FPS players.

BF3 will be the shit, COD will be the SAME shit until the are either released from Activision and a new dev team is brought on board or Activision milks the shit out of it and then they have to discontinue it cause the tit has run dry.

tepkisiz2345d ago

I agree. When I first started BC2 mplayer after COD and CS, I was clueless. I was dying in frustration. But after one week of agony, I started thinking and learning and having a lot of fun.

Battlefield games wants you to first think about your tactical options, be aware of your surroundings and work together, which is what most COD junkies dont get.

I dont want Battlefield to become the boring action flick that COD is, They can put some TDM maps in there for some quick action, but Conquest and Rush is what Battlefield is all about.

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