New Wii Exclusive Title Due June 27th

A new game, Mystery Case Files™: The Malgrave Incident, is going to come out exclusively for the Wii this month.

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GetoverHere1222495d ago

I wonder how much longer Wii games are going to be made.

lolpidian2495d ago

Not for long, Wii lost its appeal and since we have Kinect now, things are changing towards Xbox again. PS3 will probably counter that and I don't see Wii U as a terribly good counter move.

jacksonmichael2495d ago

Yeah, I would definitely prefer my motion controlled titles to be on-rails. :)

VampiricDragon2495d ago

hahahaha yeah right.

Show me where zelda, kirby, dragon quest X are on kinect.

lolpidian2495d ago

How long will they keep relying on Zelda =)

VampiricDragon2495d ago

as long as they are all still 90+ rated games

how long will microsoft do halo?

How long will activision do Call of duty?

Or sony do uncharted?

when a game is successful you get series

GregoryAllen2495d ago

Whether or not they're still going to be made, I'll still play them. Can't get much better looking games that are fun to play with the girlfriend.

Cwalk8162495d ago

This game doesn't really look like something work buying.

PygmelionHunter2495d ago

Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower or GTFO!

Nugan2495d ago


I'm a pretty big Nintendo fanboy, but I'm totally fed up with Nintendo of America's localization policies.

If you have good games that are complete and are already being translated into English for European release and you have a largely empty release schedule, why the hell would you drag your feet about bringing those games to North America?

It's just dumb.