Gamer to ship himself across the country while gaming in a crate

Gossip Gamers: "Yes, you’ve read that title right, Jordan Wayne Long is planning a seven day vacation, locked in a crate, and will be traveling from Bald Knob, AR to Portland, OR from July 1 to July 7."

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TXIDarkAvenger2554d ago

I could never be in a crate for so long. That picture just shows it doesn't look comfortable.

AstroZombie12554d ago

How is he going to stay online or am the only one wondering this?

ruibo2554d ago

I think you've been away from technology too long my friend.

AstroZombie12554d ago

or maybe I'm wondering how a person in a sealed box can still have internet access while still travelling across multiple US states.

ruibo2554d ago

No harm intended but, ever heard of 4G wireless broadband internet?

ATiElite2553d ago

It's called WiFi or he could use Mobile Broadband!

I would be more concerned about where is he gonna take a shite at! 7 days wearing adult diapers sounds like one hell of a rash not too mention the smell.

Lord_Sloth2553d ago

Phones can act as Wi-Fi hot spots now, dude. I'm more curious about how he intends to go to the bathroom and eat and drink in that box for a week.

Pro_TactX2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

He could use an iPhone as a wireless access point. I don't know great that would be for gaming, but there you go.

Edit: Although now that I think about it, he will likely be shipped in a metal container. That would probably interrupt his signal. Anyone ever try to use a cell phone in an elevator?

Nothing is stopping him from just gaming offline.

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GrumpyVeteran2553d ago

Wifi while on the road would be sparse.

Mobile broadband would be expensive.

StarWolf2553d ago

hows he gonna go poo poo

news4geeks2553d ago

he poops then eats it for the nutrition.

THWIP712553d ago

...nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan. :o

David Blaine wouldn't be stupid enough to try this sh#t. o_o

MidnytRain2553d ago

No, but he might be CRAZY enough to do it.

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