Mortal Kombat 2011: The Final Character all but Confirmed

GPT: "So far Kenshi and Rain are confirmed as the next two characters, with the fourth being a surprise. Naturally, many gamers are wondering who this might be- and I'm taking it upon myself to figure that out to the best of my abilities."

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ShyGuy132585d ago

...Tanya? Are you f-ing kidding me? Where's Havik?!?

VG_Releaser2585d ago

Sounds about right. Not too many other possibilities. At least not likely ones.

malandra2585d ago

I hope is not Tanya, we already have enough female characters, and with Sub and Cyber Sub on the game already I don't think we'll see Frost

I would like Reiko (who's actually Shao Kahn undercover) or Mavado

Dart892585d ago

I wish they would surprise us with a new character never before seen.

Croash2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Well Scarlet can be considered as a never before seen character.

However don't count on DLCs to see other new characters.
To me, Mortal Kombat 9's goal is to re-establish the franchise as one of the best fighters out there and bring back all MK's fans while attracting new ones in this generation of gaming = NetherRealm would simply use what they already have.

DLCs are simply fan service (and devious money grabbing schemes).

But since this game has most of MK's characters in it, surely they will develop the storyline by adding brand new kombattants in a sequel (that is, of course, if they don't simply add some of the 15ish other characters who appeared after MK3, like Blaze, Bo' Rai Cho, Shujinko, Frost, etc... It's not like they lack a wide range of choices) .

vgn242585d ago

Yea. I can't see them wanting more money.

Croash2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

I don't understand how people choose to price this at 4€.

That means, with the 3 other characters, there will be 16€ to pay to get 4 added characters.
Sure there's the compability pack and free Cyrax/Sektor retro costumes, just like Ed Boon promised (saying he'll find a way to make sure everyone could play together and still get free DLCs).

But come on, there's already the priced Retro costumes pack (composed of free pre-order/collector bonuses) 4 DLC characters, which combined are worth like 20€.

It won't affect how I see the game though. I spent 90€ for my Kollector's Edition and I'm very happy about owning a stylish steelbook among the other "bonuses". And as the game itself is incredibly fun and long (albeit with broken online on PSN), it's not like NR are messsing with us. MK is excellent and deserved the great sales it got.

However, DLCs characters shouldn't be priced at 4€ which is almost $6.
That means, combining the DLCs plus the Retro pack = At least $25.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but usually, games have a $60 price tag in the USA.
So 4 characters and a few costumes are worth half of the game's price? Surely this isn't right. (Of course, the other announced DLC characters could be given for free, but it's unlikely. At least we'll get free costumes, right?)

It doesn't matter anyway, I love Mortal Kombat just the way it is. I'm just concerned for Ed Boon's team and the way they're handling things. Surely they don't want to end up angrying their fans.

ivanjp18822585d ago

mmmmm scarlet, kenshi, rain, and tanya... where is kintaro? and how about dem arenas? we need new arenas boon. and extra fatalities for current charcters. btw i hope these new characters come with a 2nd attire.

maxmill2585d ago

Put Shinnok and reiko come on NRS PLZ!!

TheEatingChampagne2585d ago

Shinnok will be in the next game

maxmill2585d ago

yea but they can have shinnok then ultimate shinnok, its been mentioned before. he has atleast 2 versions of himself

zeal0us2585d ago

Tanya got a nice rack and that's about it. Well guess I'll be just waiting for Jade to kill her.

If you had to choose between Tanya or Ashrah, who would you choose(as dlc)?

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