Shadows of the Damned review (Digital Spy)

Digital Spy writes: "Shadows Of The Damned is an enjoyable, albeit short-lived, romp through the underworld, with some fantastically satisfying combat and action sequences, as well as some impressive visuals and imagery. However, perhaps intentionally, it's hard to define what Grasshopper is trying to achieve with the game. The sheer number of sex jokes, swear words and innuendos grate after a while and make it hard to categorise the game and emotionally invest in the experience. The severe lack of extras and relatively short campaign don't help matters either, making it one to rent instead of buy.

"Ultimately, Shadows Of The Damned is not as scary as the likes of Silent Hill or Resident Evil, not as funny as No More Heroes and not as original as Killer7, leaving it stuck in video game limbo."

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