Duke Nukem far from dead

Take-Two Interactive's CEO claims there's more Duke to come in the future

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hennessey862560d ago

While not being the greatest game I have ever played, DNF is far from the worst. I'm having fun which is what gaming is about, not how many polygons are in the game.

Cajun Chicken2560d ago

It's a good return for the Duke. I'd like to think that DNF has brought him kicking and screaming into the present and I did laugh quite a bit.

Very much enjoyed it. I think it practically became my real 'Prey 2' if you know what I mean. Seemed a bit short though. The driving bits were great.

Biggest2560d ago

Being "far from the worst" is not a good thing. I will always have a problem with paying equal money for less value. Hopefully the next Duke game is at least above average in the FPS/TPS genre.

Legionaire20052560d ago

it will come out in the year 2020 with dated graphics and gameplay lol for xbox 3000 LOL

TheEatingChampagne2560d ago

Dude 2020 is in 9 years.. The console is not going to be Xbox 3000 but Xbox720..

Legionaire20052560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

I was joking num nuts stop acting all serious and sh*it lol Why would they call it Xbox 720 when those 3 digit numbers is lower than 1080P? they will never call it 720 for that reason. I say Xbox Next or a name completely different..Hmm..Maybe the name Stream since Microsoft likes digital distribution. Wait a minute lol!!! I just thought of something!!! They should name it The X-Stream = Extreme. Two words, two meanings into one. X from Xbox is Next(notice the "X in Next)generation and Stream is for streaming downloadable content.

cochise3132560d ago

duke should have been scraped and built from the ground up.

ElementX2560d ago

Wasn't this stated days ago in some article already?

04soldier2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

i also went against the grain and bought this game by not listening to reviews... and im sure glad i did... im curently having a blast with this game..

once u realize to look past the graphics and understand its trying to be a duke nukem game & not a COD clone... you will have a blast with this game.

also duke's one liners are spot on @ times which prove to be hiliarious if with the right un-PC like audience..

"Duke i got ure green power armour ready for u."
Duke Nukem: " Grrrr! Power armor is for pussies!"

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The story is too old to be commented.