Minecraft Creator, Notch, Announces thoughts on Duke Nukem

The creator of Minecraft has just released his input on Duke Nukem Forever after playing on and off since he got it “a while ago.”

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TheBeast2250d ago

Agree with his thought on DNF 100%!

Motorola2250d ago

Ouch. Guess I won't be playing it

LoaMcLoa2250d ago

Ehhm, fuck him!

I love this game

Tikicobra2250d ago

Since when is Notch one of the greatest game developers of all time? All he had to do with Minecraft was make a basic template for a game. All the cool stuff is made by the community.

Convas2249d ago

LOL, so it was the community that coded all the possibilities they currently enjoy into the game?

Notch did way more than you are crediting him for.

Kon2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

"If Notch himself, one of the greatest game developers of all time"

Many things wrong here

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