DICE: We’re Ready For PS4, More

DICE has said that the company are ready for next generation consoles, including the PlayStation 4, which isn’t a surprise with their shooter Battlefield 3 optimizing next-gen gaming.

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movements2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I need more time to enjoy PS3. It was a healthy investment mind you. And also, I'm currently satisfied with current gen: Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, MW3, Resistance 3 - I'm good. But thanks.

evrfighter2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Lol it's a good thing people like you guys aren't in the industry


Army_of_Darkness2499d ago

You mean like activision and their successful COD franchise?!... ya, good thing people like him isn't in the industry.....

firefoxprime2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Yeah...I bet gamers were happy with Halo 2, Metriod Prime 2, GTA SanAndreas, Jak 3, GranT4, Pokemon Emerald, and GOW2.

Every one of those games has had a more and improved sequel(If Jak 3 didn't end, there would be NO Uncharted). Growth is "mandatory". Can't be complacent. Just my 2 cents.

Also, I gotta be honest. This gen sucks.

Relax fanboys. I'll explain...

Brush aside the annoying patches...and half completed games. I'm merely talking about game libary. I purposfully didn't buy a PS3 until last month. WHY? Cuz the library was WAY to small. It still is.

I got my ps2 slim back in 2005. I had a 5 year backlog of awesome games to play. There were some many rich genres to sink your teeth in.

You compare the library of Xbox vs the 360, and there's a HUGE difference in size. Everyone's tryin to shooter for that AAA budget title. Meaning they gotta hit millions of copies just to break even.

So many dev and publishing co.'s have "died" and the game library's are a clear indication of that. Basically there was just more VARIETY...

Iroquois_Pliskin2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

you need to have a ps3 in the first place Kon, before you can enjoy it.

Jack-Dangerously2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )


OT: Since MY ps3 is only going on 3 years old I would like to hold off on the "next gen" consoles personally. Mainly for the fact that I would be waiting a while before I adopted the new systems and I'm sure people would stop developing for the ps3 sooner, rather than later.

Solid_Snake-2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

by the looks of things dice are ready for the PS5.

next gen gaming isnt gonna be a massive boost as ps2 to ps3.

its prob gonna turn 720p into 1080p with 50-60fps....i couldnt warrant that spending personally.

slavish32499d ago

im thinking 2013 but they would really get the one up on m$ if they released it in 2012 around the time of wii-u

TheBeast2499d ago

At least some companies are ready for the future.

Queasy2499d ago

Given how far out in front the Frostbite 2 engine for the PC is ahead of the PS3 and Xbox 360, that's not too hard.

Dart892499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

AS much as i love to get a PS4 i still haven't gotten full use of my ps3 i'm sure many other people haven't either.

@Shoryunken yea i agree.I wonder if Sony will still be supporting the ps2 by the time the ps4 comes out??

@Queasy That's for sure.

ShoryukenII2499d ago

God of War II came out in 2007 and PS3 came out 2006. So it looks like they might still support the PS3 (with first parties) even a little after PS4. Besides, they made games for PS2 for a few years after PS3 came out. So I think you'll be pleased by the time PS4 comes out (which will not be within the next 365 days).

Queasy2499d ago

There's still some juice left to be squeezed out of the PS3, that's for sure.

Dark_king2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

An not just the PS3 itself.I been waiting for someone to push the cloud computing and push the PS3 past the systems own limits.In theory you could run frostbite 2 at the highest settings using servers to do the brunt of the work.Of course this would be expensive and require a monthly fee and a very good internet connections.
Think Onlive but with a system that can also process data thats local on a disc.

redDevil872499d ago

I'm ok with my PS3 for at least another 2 years

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The story is too old to be commented.