Gamergaia Editorial: All This COD Is a Tad Fishy

COD is a bit of a fishy beast. In theory, a game that remains the same year in, year out with only minimal upgrades and some new levels shouldn’t do well. It should probably be instead a fond memory, drifting in the breeze and whispered only in passing by those who still recall the good times they had with the product. The exact same thing recently happened with Guitar Hero; after years of stagnant gameplay that did absolutely nothing to innovate, the franchise itself has been put indefinitely on hold by Activision as they ‘reassess’ what to do with it. Basically it’s dead.

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GregoryAllen2494d ago

Seriously. My God, do people still get excited and buy these games on Day 1? What the hell? There have been over a dozen different CoD games in the past 7 or so years. How can that produce quality titles?

Forget Call of Duty, I'm going to stick with Doom II.

Dart892494d ago

I agree man think i'll stick to Goldeneye64.

Checkmate2494d ago

Can't tell if you're being sarcastic...

xPhearR3dx2494d ago

What your forgetting is that they have no intent to change it, they don't care if its becoming stale, they can hype it and it will sell, and its unfortunate but its the truth.

BrianG2494d ago

I know people that buy Madden year after year after year.

Only minimal changes are made, when you look at the whole picture, but they keep buying them.

COD is doing the same thing. People keep demanding it, they will keep making it, that simple.

pungello882494d ago

Yeah, I personally enjoy the gameplay so will continue to buy the games, even if the creativity is a little worn out

Cwalk8162494d ago

That may be true, but if you have such a loyal fanbase, don't you think it's their responsibility to give the fans something new and fresh? Because CoD: Elite isn't going to cut it.

BrianG2494d ago

Honestly it seems that the fan base just wants different guns and different maps.

Sales are on the rise with each game so far, and all that has changed in reality are the guns and maps.

I think they are giving the fans what they want.

jmobley2494d ago

getting tired of this series

Kon2494d ago

Don't play anymore. Simple.

xPhearR3dx2494d ago

Not that simple, its pretty aggravating to hear about a terrible game every where you go.

clarkdef2494d ago

If your mates keep playing it, it really pisses you of. So you gotta either run with the pack or find new friends.

Just wish they would find something else to play.

rmoar2494d ago

I got tired of the series, but there was never anything that really challenged CoD, so I kept buying them. Hopefully Battlefield 3 will change that.

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