CNBC: Xbox 360 & Kinect - Interview with Don Mattrick

CNBC at Microsoft's campus in Redmond, WA. Segment about Xbox 360 & Kinect. Interview with Don Mattrick, President of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business Group.

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djsandman2309d ago

A completely non-bias look at gaming! Such an intelligent interview format..

Enate2309d ago

I would say it was a great interview but not one really about gaming. So much as it was the direction of the company and the 360 as an entertainment hub and its growth. It was a very smart well played interview I would say.

He got on a normal network and showed gave a friendly vibe to possible. A lot of consumers that don't have any console at this point. An I think this is where Microsoft excels, brilliant marketed strategist that looks effortless. An to those that don't know gaming like we do I'm sure it looks very appealing just from that interview.

djsandman2308d ago

I didn't feel the need to add the /S
I've been proven wrong

sickbird2309d ago

mattrick is such a bag of douche.

DigitalRaptor2309d ago

He reminds me of an older, douchier version of the already douchy Tom Cruise.

He comes across as very professional with a great manner though!

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