Why is Everyone so Obsessed With Battlefield 3′s Graphics?

The last few weeks have seen what is, in essence, a mini-console war, but the belligerents are not hunks of metal and plastic, they are two games: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Recently I’ve seen a theme emerging on articles related to Battlefield 3, whether for or against: they all focus so heavily on the game’s graphics. But why are gamers so acutely obsessed with Battlefield 3′s graphics?

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movements2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

That's the case because DICE determined it would be best to show gamers photo-realistic footage of the game on PCs big as your home.

Now, when the console footage was shown,(I find it looks great on PS3), some whiners decided it wasn't good enough and now DICE are paying the price.

I think they brought this on themselves in some ways.

electricshadow2553d ago

I agree with you that DICE did bring it on themselves, but there are people want the PS3 version to look just as good as the PC and I'm just confused by that in every way. A five-year-old console compared to upgradable at any time personal computer? Which do you think is going to look better?

I'm actually looking forward to the sound of BF3. DICE has always been #1 for sound design.

thorstein2553d ago

Exactly. What really pissed me off were the constant statements about how it couldn't be done on consoles when KZ2 & 3 and UC 2&3 look amazing. KZ 3 has 24 players at once.

What I want more than just graphics is FUN. How much FUN is the game. Demon's Souls didn't have the "greatest graphics" but it is certainly entertaining.

FredEffinChopin2553d ago

Yeah, they totally were begging for it, and now they're wondering why everyone is bitching to them. They're the ones who picked their market strategy, and so they only have themselves to blame for the response they're receiving.

Fred-G-Sanford2553d ago

"PCs big as your home"

Nice try, but for that you earn one of these...

MysticStrummer2553d ago

They brought in on themselves by saying they had a next gen engine on current gen hardware. The PS3 visuals look fine to me, I'm just sad about the low player count and smaller levels online. I wouldn't say it's visually the best console game, but it looks nice and there's definitely a lot going on.

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Peaceful_Jelly2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Because lots of naive people saw the PC trailers and thought that console version would look the same. Expectations were just too high...

vortis2553d ago

Expectations may have been high but people would have to be dumb mofos to think that the console version would look the same as the PC version, which was running on the latest Nvidia graphics card.

360 and PS3 can't get any better (visually) than what we've seen in the past three years. Uncharted 2 and Gears 2 is about top of the line for each respective console and the console fanboys need to quit whining and buy a PC if they want something better looking.

Horny2553d ago

I could care less about the difference in graphics between pc and ps3 as long as the gameplay is in tact. The thing is dice showcased this game on a powerful pc and claimed its next gen graphics with current gen tech. They put heavy emphasis on the graphics and it kind of backfired on them. I am waiting another two years to upgrade my graphics card and my pc in general so either way mine would only look slightly better than ps3, therefore I just don't care and ill play were my friends are at.

kingdoms2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

I imagine It's because the game has nice visuals. Some of the heat come from fanboys needing their console to be the winner of any game that is deemed to have the best graphics on consoles. what makes this time so extreme is the fact fanboys want revenge because of how the current console graphics king Crysis 2 round turned out. All this is mixed with varying agendas like using this game as a tool to satisfy their hate towards COD. A certain group wants to shock & awe gamers away from COD with PS3 version leading the charge re-confirming the myth ps3 is more powerful.

No doubt there are PC fanboys purposely making a big deal of this baiting ps3 fans in the mix. All the while the media sitsback and reeps the rewards. These battles have gotten worse because these new multiplatform games are coming out technically superior to console exclusives so that has fanboys more sensitive to how the public views their console after they have worked so hard on forming everybody's opinions

Gran Touring2553d ago

Crysis 2 is the console graphics king?

leogets2553d ago

nah crysis 2 isnt king at all.u seen the blurry visualls in the background and dodgy alien ships? graphics are good yes but far from the best.uncharted and killzone are top as far as im concerned.but they all have small mp map areas.battlefield is a different ball game.large scale maps,destructible inviroments ect ect and awesome well as being a very very nice lookin game so has it all as far as im concerned.

DigitalRaptor2553d ago

I think there's a reason you only have one bubble...

Yes there definitely is.

steve30x2553d ago

Its because a lot of gamers are more obsessed with FPS , graphics and 1080P now rather than gameplay.

MysticStrummer2553d ago

Yep. Someone in another comment thread said all hardcore gamers must switch to PC gaming now. That person just doesn't get it. Graphics are the icing, not the cake.

OcelotRigz2553d ago

Agree with you both. Graphics are nice but they dont make the game, but the problem is that it appears nowadays that Graphics actually do make or break a game for a lot of "gamers" going by the amount of moaning they do and how much it pops up in petty fanboy arguments.
A perfect example of this is when LensOfTruth do their head2head articles and the crap that is causes in the comment section on here.

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