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As a weird tour through a Hell we haven't seen before, with a love for subject matter that neatly sidesteps the likes of other Grindhouse-inspired games over the last few years, Shadows of the Damned is an experience that's worth having... for a particular audience.

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BeaArthur2499d ago

Because you played it and know how good or bad it is?

8bit_Nes_Rambo2499d ago

Maybe he has, it's been out for a couple of days now. Anyway, why should you care? Are you an IGN shill or have stock in the parent company?

Whitefeather2499d ago

Yes I have I bought it two days ago from a local non corporate store.

BeaArthur2499d ago

8bit_Nes_Rambo...No I just get tired of people complaining just to complain. Everybody likes to hop on popular sites because they are too popular or whatever their stupid excuse is. IGN is just as good as Gamespot, or Gameinformer or any other site (whether they are popular or not). I mean he didn't even say anything relevant, what the f**k does typical IGN mean?

Whitefeather...okay so your view of the game is different from that of the person who wrote this review, congrats.

Venox20082499d ago

I played it and finished it... game really is worth 9 at minimum... yeah, IGN is IGN... earler their reviews were more trustful, but something's happened there, maybe new reviewers? ..

ABizzel12498d ago

It seems to be a good game, just not for everyone. It seems to be what DMC would be if it met Gears of War which is crazy, but I guess it works :)

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VileAndVicious2499d ago

Ive been playing this game for three hours and I love it. Game play wise its not the most original But the style is great.

Shield2499d ago

Same here, three hours into the game and loving it. The humor while childish works, I find myself chuckling quite often.

the_kutaragi_baka2499d ago

With FANBOYS anything under a 10 is a failure.

It's just 1 persons opinion, everyone has 1 so just chill out a little bit troll.

Whitefeather2499d ago

See reviews aren't meant to be opinion anyways but that's not my point. My point is big games usually that aren't very original almost always get 9-10. I'm not a fanboy of this game but it deserves at least an eight.

Army_of_Darkness2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I didn't know this new game already generated fanboys!?!? Gee wizzz man! Thanks for letting us all know! (-_-)...

BeaArthur2499d ago

Whitefeather...If reviews aren't meant to have opinions then every review would be exactly the same thus negating the need for them. Every player is different and so every persons experience with the game will be different. Clearly the author thought this was a solid but not a great game. As long as they can articulate and justify their deductions then everyone should be fine with it.

schlanz2499d ago

Deserves at least an 8 based on the 5 reviews I've read.

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Kon2499d ago

The game looks like a RE for 12 year old kids

warrior99882499d ago

why you always trolling jesus

8bit_Nes_Rambo2499d ago

Funny Kon, I'd equate your trolling skills to the same demographic.

Christopher2499d ago

Well, I didn't think "RE for 12 year old kids" but I did think a bad pun on similar gameplay. It's like the video game version of the type of movie I would be watching on MST3K.

But, having said that, the reviews so far have been good or great. It makes me wonder if I'm not missing something that others are. Or, perhaps, the "so bad it's good" video game includes the the MST3K riff track?

*thinks he's going to be the only one to understand his above thoughts*

Ser2499d ago

LOL @ 8bit_Nes_Rambo

This game is far from "RE for 12 year old kids."

I'm playing it now. Besides all of the wang jokes, it's pretty *out there*, in a good way.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2499d ago

Thanks man. Kick ass Megadeth avatar btw.

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Tikicobra2499d ago

Why is everyone so quick to hate on IGN? Because they don't always have the same opinion as you?

-EvoAnubis-2499d ago

Yeah, that's about it. Apparently it's not cool for people to have different opinions.

Whitefeather2499d ago

No because they seem to hate on everything original and love the same rehashed blockbuster game.

Tikicobra2499d ago

Maybe because original doesn't always equal good?

Jacks_Medulla2499d ago

Please elaborate on what you mean by "original". Opinions, everybody has them. Shadows of the Damned appears to be a fairly niche game; it is understandable that some people may not enjoy the inherent Japanese quirkiness. It always makes me laugh when people accuse IGN of being bias; please explain to me why you believe IGN would give a game a score lower than they feel it deserves.

Gamehard2499d ago

Didn't know a 7 meant the reviewer hates it.

lucifon2499d ago

"Hate on everything original" - 7/10 is still a decent score, not spectacular no but still good. Saying they're hating on it is exaggerating. Not to mention at the end of the day it's just one guys opinion.

Gamehard2499d ago

It looks like a decent game. I'm on the fence about picking it up, and from the videos and everything i've seen, a 7 is probably the fairest score anyone has given it so far. I can't look at the gameplay and honestly think it deserves a 9, no matter how much of a fan I am of suda 51 and Shinji Mikami. The mechanics are dated and the graphics are average... the style and humor is what's gonna make or break this game for people, and those are very aquired tastes in this title.

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Der_Kommandant2499d ago

Can't wait to kill some pendejos

Baddo_Ekkusuchi2499d ago

lol people have been playing this game since last week. just got done with the game to be exact. yes, ign's review doesnt match my opinion of the game. sorry for those who will skip on this sleeper hit. its like killer7 all over again

Venox20082499d ago

and NO MORE HEROES! + (Killer 7 + RE4 + Silent hill music!) = this!

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