Madden Curse: True or False

"For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Madden Curse, it is the very popular belief claiming that the player who is chosen to be featured on the cover of that year´s game will have an awful season." - RoboAwesome examines

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RoboSpiff2526d ago

I always thought this was an interesting curse. Great read!

TXIDarkAvenger2526d ago

Great article.

EA Sports or EA in general is EVIL! :D

Dudemaster_Sam2526d ago

WTF is all this true? Freaky...

AronDeppert2525d ago

Ugh. I never understood football's appeal.

Dudemaster_Sam2525d ago

It is a very tactical game, really. Plus, it+s dudes mercilessly beating the shit out of each other. Think gladiators, but less awesome.