Dungeon Siege 3 Launch Trailer

It's June 21st and that means that the long await loot-fest Dungeon Siege III is now available. To celebrate, Square-Enix has released a new launch trailer that is sure to get your loot pants prepped, primed, and ready to go.

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pungello882554d ago

Debating whether or not to get this one, I probably should save some money

GregoryAllen2554d ago

I've never played a dungeon siege game before, but this trailer almost makes me want to.

GetoverHere1222554d ago

So stoked to get my hands on this one. I havent crawled a dungeon in ages.

Cwalk8162554d ago

I loves the dungeon crawling, I've got to try this one out at least.

jmobley2554d ago

played the demo for this, think it's pretty cool. Want to play it

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