Love-hate: the Modern Warfare 3 dilemma

GGTL: "Released to critical acclaim in 2007, the original Modern Warfare both redefined the first-person shooter genre, and catapulted its developers to the forefront of industry attention. Almost five years on, however, Chris Hawke explores the difficult dilemma prompted by Activision's cash cow."

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2584d ago

Now we just can't have this on N4G: thoughtful, well written articles by an author who can actually spell are expressly forbidden.

NOT COOL Antholex. Not cool making all the other commentators look bad.

Antholex2584d ago

Blame that Chris Hawke. Someone who writes well and thinks proper?

Burn him.

Spydiggity2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

The first modern warfare was overrated. and it was so appealing, not because of its "next-gen graphics," but because it was extremely easy to play and accessible by everyone. you got to run around like a mad man, chucking nades everywhere, and could still fire super accurate bullets and kill a guy with 2 shots to the ankle. it wasn't popular cuz it was good, it was popular cuz it was a dumbed down version of the genre. and makes average gamers think they're good at it.

it's cool that so many people liked it, but just because a lot of people like something, doesn't mean it's great. twilight is an example of that. so's lady gaga. in fact, there is almost an inverse relationship between quality and mass appeal.

anyway, counter strike is a much better realistic shooter, and battlefield is a much better gritty (kinda arcady) war shooter. the difference those games, some flashy colors and a quick 3 second sound bit doesn't play every time you shoot your weapon.

hoof1232584d ago

I dunno man. Modern Warfare 1, was just a fantastic all round great game anyway you look at it.

Agent-862584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

We are a rare breed, but I'm with you Spydiggity. I didn't care for the first MW either and mainly because of the introduction of killstreaks. Worst innovation ever! Lets take a genre that already has too much camping and lets add killstreaks to give even more incentive to camp. Brilliant! They are just a cheesy, arcadey game concept. COD has gone downhill ever since.

hoof1232584d ago

One of the best articles I've ever read on N4G, I'm gonna keep and eye on this website.

sprayNpray2584d ago

This might be the first thing I've read in awhile that didn't feel like sponsored regurgitation. I agree almost 100% with the points he makes. Most of us that now hate COD were once its most avid supporters. When I first read about COD4 in a gameinformer magazine way back I was more excited about it than I've ever been about a game and I haven't felt that way since until I saw the first trailers for battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 is offering us that next step out of the current gen that COD4 gave us so long ago and it is my hope that Battlefield 3 can sell more than MW3 (though I doubt it).