GameZone - WWE ‘12: Will It Fix the Current Problem? - Editorial

GameZone's David Sanchez writes about the upcoming THQ wrestling entry, WWE '12, and what he hopes to see from it. He talks about the problems they've had with their other wrestling games, and discusses what features are new and what features are making a comeback.

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athmaus2588d ago

I really dislike wresteling games....

TheSanchezDavid2588d ago

I love wrestling games. Actually, I LOVED wrestling games. The genre has gotten so stale, just like WWE itself. I really hope this game turns out to be good.

TomFG2588d ago

I remember an awesome WWF game on the N64. My experience with wrestling begins there and ends with Hogan Knows Best.

sackb0y2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

the biggest problem they need to fix is the engine. same with ufc 2011. also roster updates that dont cost and come only once a year would be good. like who cares about a 4.99 update for two old fighters and a cena shirt.