Evil.JP: No Show @ E3 for Many Japanese Developers

The sheer volume of similar titles outside of a few notable exceptions (everything Nintendo, Atlus’s Catherine, Capcom’s Street Fighter x Tekken, and Sonic Generations from Sega) were painfully obvious. If it wasn’t a shooter or a wacky Kinect game, chances are it wasn’t on the floor this year. Publishers seem to be more risk averse than ever before, and that’s saying a lot.

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bgrundman2559d ago

I am shocked that Xenoblade still isn't coming to North America.

DA_SHREDDER2559d ago

Xenoblade isn't coming to America? LMAO! Thats like the one actual jrpg that I was actually lookin forward to even though it was on a sub HD console.

One thing forsure is though, it is a fact that there weren't that many eastern rpg devs @ E3, and rightfully so. Look what Squeenix has done to our FF series? Its gotten so bad the only way they are gonna stay relevant is by making HD remakes of their old classics. But even then, they are screwing up and only bringing Dragon Warrior 1-3. Sure part one is the classic that started it all, but DW4 is the gem that made Enix the franchise they are today.