Why You Should Be Excited for the Wii U!

QVC's 'Your Tech Guy' explains why everyone, even non-gamers, should get excited for the Wii U: "Hey tech fans! I’m still reeling from all of the cool stuff I saw at this year’s E3 — what a show! I know that not everyone is as into video games as I am, but that doesn’t matter. No matter what, I have a feeling that almost all of you, at this point, have played (and LOVED) the Nintendo Wii. Even if your experience with Nintendo’s home console is limited to playing Wii Bowling and Wii Golf, there’s a good chance you have loved playing games with friends, family, or even by yourself, and even if you’re someone who generally doesn’t care when a new video game or a console is announced, you should still be fairly excited for the Nintendo Wii. Why? Because it has something for everybody."

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ZoidsRaven2530d ago

The only reason I need is it being a new console. 7_7