Activision Looking At Survival Horror Game?

Activision have registered domain names that point to the company publishing a survival horror game.

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zeeshan2310d ago

First, they killed the Music genre, now they are hell bent on killing the FPS genre. Yeah, survival horror seems the next best choice! Please be gone Kotick!

Wolfie2310d ago

Survival-horror genre is already dead, we need more survival-horror games, i hope we will get more after Amy, Silent Hill Downpour and SH HD Collection. Siren, Fatal Frame, Dino Crisis, Clock Tower? Where are these games?

SweatyFlorida2310d ago

yah we definitely need more survival horror games, glad we're actually getting some this year ^^ SH:Downpour, SH HD collection (Ps3 only) and Amy on PSN/XBLA

zeeshan2310d ago

Ok then let me rephrase it. Activision now wants to completely kill a genre that is almost dead.

SweatyFlorida2310d ago

No indication of horror in the article. Topshotsport? Biggamehunt? Activisionadventuregames? How the heck do you get horror out of that? Could mean a survival game like on an island or something.

Valvatorez2310d ago

Maybe you play as a dollar bill and you wake up in the town of Silent Bobby.Your goal is to escape the town while being hunted by the evil Chequebookhead(Played by Bobby Kotick) and his army of undead Infinity Ward and Treyarch workers.

Quagmire2310d ago

Where has the action/adventure/platformer gone?

I want Crash and Spyro back.

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