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TheBeast2287d ago

Hmm, if it came with all the DLC that would be awesome.

xPhearR3dx2287d ago

I would prefer if it came with a better game.

GirlsGeneration2287d ago

lol come on this game is good...-_-

Welshy2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )


caught me off guard there, literally laughed out loud.

+ bubbles for you sir!

Aarix2286d ago

Never seen a comment marked as funny but you deserve it. XD

thematrix12982286d ago

Yesterday i saw 1.06 Million people online on BF3 fanboys should shut it. Enjoy the game what ever you like, if you like both even better.

speeder882286d ago

I guess u didn't read the title right, it sais limited /s

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plstcsldgr2287d ago

according to who activision and COD fans? we all know how smart they are.

TheDivine2287d ago

It does amazon has it listed with all dlc included so not a bad deal. I hope it has waw zombie maps also.

Oldman1002287d ago

This game is an awesome landfill simulator.

guitarded772287d ago

Ok, I try to stay neutral in all the CoD love/hate BS, but that made me laugh. Bubs for the funzies.

Iroquois_Pliskin2287d ago

people wont mind as long as the milk is good

PS360PCROCKS2287d ago

sour milk isn't good milk...

Iroquois_Pliskin2287d ago

I'm not saying I like Activision or blackops, I'm just saying what most casual gamers think

memots2287d ago

Gotta have more Cowbell

snipermk02287d ago

who disagreed with memots? How can anyone disagree with having more cowbell!!??

beast242tru2287d ago

i dnt have black ops yet mabe i'll get it i still play mw2 online sometimes though

Welshy2287d ago


don't delve to that level bro, you went a good 7 going on 8 months without Call Of Doody: Beta Ops.

maintain your pride and buy LA Noire or inFamous 2 or something good like that =)

dawgsfan1172286d ago

The maturity level of most N4G members on display.

I don't personally enjoy CoD games but for people that do this will be a good deal if they haven't picked it up yet.

Wow wasn't that crazy. I didn't have to use childish words or anything.

Welshy2286d ago


it was joke dude, lighten up, just suggesting better use for his cash in a light hearted jokey sense, jeez...

bebojet2287d ago

LOL @ "Limited Edition" I'm sure there will be PLENTY.

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The story is too old to be commented.