Will There be an inFAMOUS 3?

Will there be an inFAMOUS 3, considering the fact that there is a huge difference in the inFAMOUS 2 endings? It doesn't look like it. (Spoiler-free article).

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theunleashed642586d ago

suckerpunch didn't plan it as a trilogy but i would like to see a infamous 3 or a spin-off.

Abash2586d ago

A "?" flashes in the last bolt of lightning, so I'd say Sucker Punch are leaving the option of an inFAMOUS 3 open

Nitrowolf22586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

you are so correct, i didn't even notice that


I thought the bad ending could potentially prepare it for either Multiplayer MMO, or even a new leading Character who goes against the New beast.

The good ending, after noticing that it looks like Cole revival.


All i know is that i want another one. Ending with two is very unexpected.

dc12586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

you best believe that the next game will have a multiplayer option.
*********Mild Spoilers:

Good Cole: If Cole awakened... why not anyone else?
Bad Cole:... currently in second play through .. However I assume that John's plan will work and there will be a whole lot of 'supers' running around.

@Nitrowolf2 +Plus Bub to you for 'Like Minds'! And glad you didn’t give away the Evil ending.. I'm just about their now.
..I should really read down a little further in the post responces before I comment.

Fire17922586d ago

Just noticed it too! Hoping for an inFamous 3 now :P

PRHB HYBRiiD2586d ago

I sure hope so...after playing inFamous 2 for the last couple of days...i tell you..this game is going in my top 10 list is just epic.

EYEamNUMBER12586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

i wouldn't want a 3 if you have to be evil in the 3rd game

SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the good ending has you dying and taking all the conduits with you
the bad ending has all the conduits living but taking all the humans instead

i mean how and were would you continue from that?
they can continue from the bad ending but if that is the case i sure as heck wouldn't want it

i seriously did not like the bad ending zeke was the highlight of the game

Inferno2586d ago


When you had to kill Zeke in the bad ending I threw the controller and said screw this! Zeke was helping you through the whole game and even saved you once then you just kill him? :(

Nitrowolf22586d ago

lol i love how many people opinion about Zeke changed in this game

Max Power2586d ago

@inferno...I didn't like that ending at all, it really made me depressed and angry.

SilentNegotiator2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

I'll take a spin off that vaguely relates to Infamous, but don't bring back cole. I like the way it ended in good karma.

How about new "Supers" rise up, despite the sphere? Then we can play as a whole new character with all new power types.

Lord_Sloth2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

@ Nitrowolf2

I actually liked Zeke in both titles.

As for the lightning strike...I didn't even notice it was a question mark, but I knew it meant he wasn't dead. Great find, dude.

Inferno2586d ago

I never hated Zeke in the first title unlike most people.. but in inFamous 2 he's playing a big role.

Nitrowolf22586d ago


I liked him in both games. I honestly don't see where the hate comes from. But its evident that Sucker Punch tried to make him a much better character in this game.

Nykamari2586d ago

Alittle off-topic, but do everyone wants to kill Rico!

xyxzor2586d ago

That looks more like a funky 3 to me.

gta28002586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

How many of you felt bad for having to kill Zeke like that? :(

Electroshocked2586d ago


I cried my eyes out to both endings, just like in Red Dead Redemption, I knew this game would be another Red Dead Redemption, especially after seeing that trailer where they say ''Half as long, twice as bright'' Anyway here's my theory for InFamous 3:

The end decision was so powerful that it forced the Universe splitting into two dimensions, (the good one being the main one) good dimension (good Cole) and bad dimension (evil Cole) Kessler knew that this universe splitting would happen and created a device to revive Cole, the reason being that he knew that evil Cole from the bad dimension, once completed his mission of activating all conduits, would try and go to good Cole's dimension and destroy it. And there you have it InFamous 3, Good Cole versus evil Cole from another dimension.

WildArmed2586d ago

Since the universes are soo seperate now.
It'd be interesting to see if Sucker Punch decides to split the sereies now.
They can do a Good ending - cont. first
Then a evil one..
THou I don't know how the karma system would work in those.

But I was shocked at the end.
And very sad.

"Half as long, twice as bright"

limewax2586d ago

Actually look closer. The dot of that question mark is Cole.....and hes standing up

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princejb1342586d ago

its very possible, infamous 2 kind off ended coles story
there could be other possible heroes in another town from the blast sphere that hasnt been shown

KingDustero2586d ago


It only possibly ended good Cole's story. Evil Cole's is still going. Plus good Cole may very well be alive due to being struck by lightning at the end.

The way I see it an inFamous 3 can work while keeping BOTH endings true. Good Cole is alive and there'll be some event or something that will cause both Good and Evil Cole to go into the past to before inFamous 1. Good Cole would be trying to stop Kessler from creating the Ray Sphere while evil Cole would try to make sure all the events play out the same way again.

I see this being one possible way that can continue on the story from both endings while still being able to create something interesting.

I really hope there is an inFamous 3 that'll put more closer to the series. The endings in inFamous 2 were great, but there are just too many questions left by them IMO.

princejb1342586d ago


wait no didnt good cole die in infamous 2
he was in a coffin

bad cole continue dominating all the towns with other people that have super powers

showtimefolks2586d ago

I think SP will do a new IP and if i am a guessing man i think the IP is already in development or atleast they know what they have which they want to work on

Cole isn't dead if SP make infanous 3 there will be a way for them to bring him back.

cole in the tekken vs game looks awesome

FFXI1012586d ago

Agree, maybe next time they can give Zeke some kind of power so people can play as Zeke in co-op mode.

Baba19062586d ago

i like zeke, but playing him seems kinda lame =D. i dont see him climping walls and flying around. its more like he has to be sitting on a couch where he can rest his fat butt =D.

Electroshocked2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

@Baba1906 You should see Zeke in the Uncharted 2 multiplayer, I hope Cole and Zeke are playable characters in the Uncharted 3 multiplayer, that would be awesome.

Edit: @FFXI101 A spin-off would be nice, but I would much prefer an InFamous 3, following Cole's story.

Just_The_Truth2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Thank god i watch the evil ending i was about to trade the game in because i was so confused about the ending. Now i understand.
Spolier********************** ****************************** * ****************************** * ****************************** * ****************************** * ****************************** * ****************************** * ****************************** * ******************

I couldn't understand how Kessler said the beast was evil and destroyed his world but in the infamous 2 ending he was a nice guy but wanted to save the people that he could. That didn't sound like the beast to me. Also in the first game the visions were not of john (a black man) so i was like SP is on crack if they think i'm going to be ok with this. But watching the evil ending it all makes since now john gives his powers to evil cole because he knows he'll continue the killing which he doesn't want to do anymore. Making the true beast from kesslers visions! Also at the end of the good story a bolt of lightning strikes cole's grave which is obviously saying he's going to awaken. I'm guessing evil cole is going to go to good cole's universe with his new powers along with all the conduits he's created and bam Infamous 3. Thank you SP for doing it right i was honestly pissed and now i see you not only made a great game but also a great story!

Sheikah2586d ago

I reckon we could see a third. Maybe a different leading character. God knows I'd prefer to play as Kuo over Cole with her flying powers and all.

They can easily pull the "alternate timeline" spinoff.. Classic DC style :p

I mean, Kessler is from 2077 -- you could easily excuse a time/space continuum muck-up along with a parallel timeline through Kessler's actions

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DrRichtofen2586d ago

I want suckerpunch to take a break from inFamous I figured there next game would be another Sly, but since Sanzaru is doing it I guess it would be cool to see something new from them.

Laika2586d ago

no more sly. i would rather have a new ip if they are not doing an infamous 3

Nitrowolf22586d ago

If Sanzaru does a great job with the New sly then i say give them the projects for future Sly games. I think Sucker Punch could come out with a new IP as well.

ILikeTurtles2586d ago

InFamous and sly are very similar in my opinion xD
story telling, climb on stuff etc.

(Infamous is much deeper and more mature/serious though)

gaffyh2586d ago

Very true, Infamous is like an evolution of Sly, you can see a lot of similarities when you play it.

dc12586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

In fact it appears that the story was more ground in contextual reality as well.

There were a couple of things that made me shake my head when play Infamous 2.
1 - Why dose Lucy Kou has to twist in the air before she flys off ...every time. It got tired to see.

2 - The writers of iFamous made Nix certifiably Crazy and nonsensical in consistent. Spoilers.. How could Nix on the one hand not give a flying rats tail for anyone in the city; loving her powers and the sense of exacting self justice. While on the other hand is willing to through away her life because john killed her adopted swamp monsters..

plstcsldgr2586d ago

because nix got revenge on the man who killed her family, then the beast killed her new family and she would do anything do kill the person who took her new family away with her dying or not. she isn't nonsensical and crazy she is very scorn and would do anything to exact her revenge.

-EvoAnubis-2586d ago

@dc1: You're upset that a person who you admit is crazy didn't act rationally? Are you SURE you understand what 'crazy' means?

dc12586d ago

I with you both.. however.
Most crazy people (outside of schizophrenia) have an ideology. Nix fit the role.
My point was/is that I should not have to impute complexity into her psychosis (She’s out of it.. and each of her on screen appearances spend a great deal building up her flawed character)

I'm just saying the writing leaves a little to be desired.

... But I submit to you both.

I still love the game.

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Danielmccue2586d ago

Oh my god the Bad ending.. i didnt even really realise how emotionally attached to him i was, since i kept calling him a d*ck during my playthrough since he kept getting in my way.

i actually said "I'm so sorry zeke" after i killed him.

no other games ending has affected me like this before.

i think i died a little inside after every bolt i fired at him.

MrAwesome2586d ago

Yeah... I always wanted to kill him even before he betrayed you in part 1, and all of the sudden when I finally get the chance to kill him I get all sad:(

TheBeast2586d ago

Better be an inFamous 3, I loved the first two games.

Mr-Dude2586d ago

Offcourse there will be another sequel. It all depends on sales. The first one did sell good, the second one does good, and if something makes good money then there is an sequel. And then there is the fact of the good ending....

That ending is for a reason, not just for fun. And lightning doens't have an SPOILER!!!!!!!

question mark....

Rampaged Death2586d ago

We could always see a new one with a different character. Good ending makes it look like Cole could be back though.