TSG's Deal Of The Day: Killzone 3 + Playstation Move Sharp Shooter = $30 Off

Today's deal features one of the best FPS games on the market, Killzone 3. Not only that, but you can pick up the Playstation Move Sharp Shooter along with it. And don't forget that this game can be played in 3D as well. More details after the break.

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Thesonygeniuses2251d ago

DAMN! I need that sharpshooter!

xRavenx2251d ago

Now i have even more of a reason to buy Killzone!

CobraKai2251d ago

Imma wait for that Resistance 3 Move/Sharpshooter bundle. Game, navigation controller, Move, and the Sharpshooter for $150. That's like $50 or $60 in savings. I was about to pick up Move before that was announced too.

DistrictMime2251d ago

I've always wanted to get into the multiplayer for this game. I loved Killzone 2's multi.