TGV: Review - Trenched (Xbox 360)

Jens Erik Vaaler of The Gaming Vault takes a look at Trenched, a manly game for manly men doing manly things in many mechanised trenches.

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Herminator2532d ago

I need this game in my body yesterday.

Also, fantastically written article.

Redgehammer2532d ago

ME too, although with all the other 9 scores I have seen, I am surprised by the 7.

RustyMagus2532d ago

I consider 7 to be a damned good score. Though it gets a lower grade because I'm not the biggest fan of tower defence games. As far as tower defence games go, there are certainly worse games than Trenched, but I did feel a bit funnelled from time to time as far as weapon load outs went.

Sidology2532d ago

My body is ready. For MUSCLES