Tribes: Ascend Q&A FPSGuru Managing Editor recently had the opportunity to sit down to chat with Hi-Rez Studios Chief Operating Officer Todd Harris about its revival of one of the most-beloved shooter franchises of all time: Tribes. Hi-Rez is working hard to make sure that its iteration, Tribes: Ascend, lives up to fan expectations.

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EvanVolm2560d ago

Nice to see the PC version come first, especially for a game like Tribes. Shame about no modding though.

Agent_S2560d ago

Im excited by the possibility of playing the game that has inspired the awesome Halo franchise and the not so awesome Section 8 among others.

It seems that alot of dev's take issue with Microsoft about not being able to update games on the fly, Angry Birds Xbla is a recent casualty of this. Now Hi-Rez is stating thier concerns about this. I guess I don't know the intricacies of this issue, but Halo: Reach seems to get updates often enough. Does anyone know what the main problem is from Microsofts perspective?

I would rather see this as a $30-$40 multiplayer only retail release than to see them try and squeeze it onto Xbla. Only because they seem to be rather ambitious with this game.

Although i've never played the the other Tribes games im hoping this game succeeds and carves out a respectable place on Xbla. And to all loyal to the franchise it seems Hi-Rez plan on doing it justice.