Wii U Games May Not Stay At $50

Satoru Iwata has today said that Wii U game costs may alter from publisher to publisher, based on what they think is a justifiable price point. He has said that top-tier Wii U games will be priced above the standard $50 due to the higher quality of graphics and so forth. However, he did suggest that games will still be priced at the usual $50 as long as it warrants that price.

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zeal0us2526d ago

Here comes that "value of games" crap again.
The most I'm willing to pay for a game(standard version) is 60 buck no more than that.

EYEamNUMBER12526d ago

when the xbox 720/ps4 come out they will raise the price of games to 70 bucks a pop that is IF they go with he power route everyone around here wants them to so badly

im in no hurry for 69.99 games

Dark_king2526d ago

PS1 and PS2 games where both 59.99 here I don't see that changing any time soon.I just hope I never see another price hiking like the snes days.Some stores had games at 250.00 usd back then.

cochise3132526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Nooo ps1 and ps2 games were 50 bucks. 60 started this gen.

Machioto2526d ago

Games are not selling well at 60 an increase would likely hurt them further.

Dark_king2526d ago

Thats why I said here,because both PS1 and PS2 I had to pay 59.99 I still have my FF10 receipt from the release day 59.99 is what it cost me.

EYEamNUMBER12526d ago

that is why i don't think the ps4 and xbox 720 will be a big deal graphically

next gen all consoles will be close to each other MARK MY WORDS

if they do go the graphic route and end up increasing games to 69.99 im going to pass on the ps4 and xbox

you might say but its only 10 dollars UH NO if you but allot of games that adds up

NLGSean2526d ago

@ Cochise313

$70 games are nothing new... SNES games were $70... Trust me... I remember...

Solidus187-SCMilk2526d ago

I remember some games on SNES and N64 cost around 70, I think I remember getting mario all stars and Turok dinosaur hunter for around 70$ when they first came out.

You can always wait and get them cheaper later.

fatstarr2526d ago

i say it at least once a year on n4g
games should be worth their value
for launch prices, after that depreciation should kick in

game gets 90% A+/A/A- over all $59.99
game gets 80% B+/B/B- over all $49.99
game gets 70% C+/C/C- over all $29.99
game gets 60% D+/D/D- over all $9.99
game gets 50% F over all $5.00

badz1492526d ago

I don't think it will be $60.

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contra1572526d ago

Its funny a game on PC which is more superior costs way less then console games.

qface642526d ago

yet they sell an ass load worse

fatstarr2526d ago

your so cool for that one man.

to the uninformed they are priced like that because pc games get pirated. and have a smaller market than the combined console section.

pc games do make money.
check out the indie games packages where you pay what you want for pc games and they are making millions.

steam also makes tons as well.

MidnytRain2526d ago

What does that matter? The system you need to play them on costs twice as much.

MidnytRain2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I'll admit I don't know much about PC gaming, but threads like this...

...tell me that getting a game to run its best isn't a cheap investment.

I don't remember anyone ever saying they got a good gaming PC for well under 500 dollars.

Eamon2526d ago

Console publishers are that greedy.

MidnytRain2526d ago

I think it has something to do with royalties for the Big 3 or something like that. I don't know.

Dark_king2526d ago

Yea publishers don't have to pay any additional fees to publish games for PC's.Its only fair they pass some of that savings to the consumer.However not all games are cheaper on PC because there publisher are greedy money hungry pricks.I think you all know who I am talking about.

Dart892526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

*Cough Crapovision cough*

Edit:Oh and f*** paying $70 for cod only a retard would pay that much for something like that.

Dark_king2526d ago

I would if it had full MOD support and dedicated servers.That ain't happening though.

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Pikajew2526d ago

I would be cheaper to make games. So we dont really know

contra1572526d ago

Console gaming is about putting alot less effort in and getting alot back

badz1492526d ago

you are generalizing way too much over there! it's like putting dirt on the faces of people really working hard on consoles! I'm mainly a PS3 gamer and I don't think games like Uncharted, GoW3, HR, GT5 and many other games are less the effort to make.

seriously, how can you say that when the PC is the EASIEST platform to develop game for?

contra1572526d ago

Not every console game.

Ulf2526d ago

It'll be $60. It's foolish to think otherwise.

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