You Don't Have to Wave Your Arms Around to Play Halo: Combat Evolved

Yesterday Gamergaia reported that the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved high-definition remake that's to come to Xbox 360 will have Kinect support. If you were scared that this was going to ruin your classic FPS experience, don't fret as a community manager on the Halo forums has confirmed that support for the Kinect device is completely optional. So if you want to use your Kinect and move around your room and get active playing, or simply want to lounge back on your bed munching potato chips and burping with your controller balanced on your lap, there's both of those options available to you.

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kingdoms2408d ago

So you're getting the game now? ;)

Who would think kinect support would be anything other than a fun kinect mode separate from the core game?

Thank god? LMAO laying it on a little thick are we

Kur02408d ago

Could you admit it would be better with Move support?

mendicant2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

The fact that you even thought that waving your arms around widely would be the case just shows how clueless you are.

"Thank God." Really dude? Hard up for some trolling I see.

For all the "jokes" about flapping your arms around I've never done that with my Kinect nor has anyone that has come over and played it done so.

Ignorance is bliss.


How can he "admit" it would be better with Move support when we don't know what kind of support it's getting?

You're assuming that it would be used to control the actual shooting. Even if that's the case it's totally possible to create a seperate experience that's more fun with Kinect than Move. At least with Kinect it would be something we haven't tried before on console.

ME19892408d ago

You actually thought Kinect was required?

They said from the beginning it's completely optional.........

BeastModeYMOB2408d ago

That is what i've been saying about move from the launch of it. Why haven't M$ come out with a gun add on? I know its coming soon.

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Cwalk8162408d ago

Thank god for this, I'm looking forward to the HD remake, but after I saw the retarded motion controls Ghost Recon had at E3 I was worried about the kinect support.

GetoverHere1222408d ago

I thought the Ghost Recon controls looked sweet.

Cwalk8162408d ago

I'm not talking about Gunsmith, I'm talking about the actual gameplay motion controls.

ares21al2408d ago

I like the Option being there though

pungello882408d ago

Yeah, I like to use my controller but I want to see how far the Kinect control can go

AngelicIceDiamond2408d ago

Finally if Microsoft has to use it keep it out of the way as much as possible lol.

GetoverHere1222408d ago

Halo would not seem right on Kinect, but I've been wrong before.

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