Wii U graphics “superior” to PS3/360 for some games – Ubisoft boss

BeefJack: "The Wii U’s visuals will not only compete with the PS3 and Xbox 360, but be “superior for some of the games” says Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot – and the company intend to be on the platform on “day one” with their new FPS franchise."


To make clear, Guillemot's comments were made as part of a much larger interview - which is sourced within this article - that can be read here: Unfortunately I am not able to add a credit URL now AFAIK.

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DarkCharizard_2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

They're still working with underclocked hardware man. Devs don't know shit, they're only guessing. Every bit of final info is locked up in Nintendo's basement, whose seal is even more unbreakable than that of the Sacred Realm :P

Elyxir-pSx2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

So the Wii-u will be graphically better than anything on the PS3. :) can't wait.

madjedi2557d ago

There are only 2 reasons to underclock hardware, either your cooling is not sufficient ie it produces to much heat or you want the hardware to last longer.

Keith Olbermann2557d ago


Wii defense force!!! Mount up!!!

badz1492557d ago

it's going to be released next year and that's 7 years & 6 years AFTER 360 and PS3! only "some" games doesn't cut it! why not ALL?

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qface642557d ago

it would depend on the game why spend more time making a multi plat game on 1 console wen you can just release all 3 versions and be the same

this happened allot this gen between the 360/ps3

matey2556d ago

because some games will just get 1080p upgrade 60fps or more thats why plus better controls.

coryok2557d ago

if it is only some games than it sounds like theyre going to use either a tri core probably clocked at 3.6 ghz (though 3.2 ghz is a possibility if they want a more competitive price) or a quad core probably clocked at 3.2 ghz. this would be alongside a gpu thats above the 360s gpu but not enough to use them for the physics systems that the ps3 is capable of.

what this would mean is that shooters (for instance) wouldnt be able to use shrapnel type attacks or have lots of projectile motion in sequence with physics engines while keeping the same level of graphics that the ps3 can deliver.

i say ps3 instead of 360 because the 360 is likely to have the same type of architecture ass the wiiu. it makes it easy to determine that the "some" games is refering to the games on the ps3 as the 360 has had the same type of limitations for a long time

firelogic2557d ago

lol, some games. Then it'll be ALL PS4/720 games will be superior to WiiU games.

Valk2557d ago

of course they will using fanboy logic...I need to become a fanboy like you so I too will instantly know the future...

blackburn102557d ago

Ummmmmm..... yeah well the PS3 is superior with some games too like UC2, KZ3 and MGS4. So how is that different then any other console? Some games look better on other consoles too.

matey2556d ago

Look its not even out yet and some games will be superior imagine a year from release every game will be far superior.

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zeal0us2557d ago

still comparing 2005/2006 consoles to a 2012 console....sigh, what do you expect?

AAACE52557d ago

I got a comparison! Why are the 360 and Ps3 still such big consoles, while the Wii U has as much if not more power than both, in a case which is a little bigger than the regular Wii?

BlackKnight2557d ago

Comes down to architecture. 360/PS3 are just trying to shrink old architecture, you can only shrink it so much without losing performance. While with new tech (PC or Wii-U), you can get much more performance in the same size, or a little more performance in a much smaller size.

My video card (GTX 580) is around 15x faster than the consoles, that doesn't mean my PC is 15x larger than a console. Its a standard Mid-tower.

OpenGL2557d ago

If the PS3 wasn't housing an internal power supply and a 2.5" hard drive like the Wii U it could probably be smaller than the Wii U as it's using CPUs and GPUs with a lower transistor count so on the same manufacturing process power consumption for the PS3 should be lower.

AAACE52557d ago

You both made valid comments! However, you failed to realize that Sony shrunk both of their previous consoles dramatically!

The Ps2 slim had it's power supply moved to the power cord.

I think they keep the consoles big so we feel like they are worth the price we pay for them!

Farsendor12557d ago

with sony saying their next system wont be much of a graphical upgrade from ps3 and ubisoft saying this i guess we gotta count on ms to make a powerhouse system.

EYEamNUMBER12557d ago

i don't think microsofts next system will be all the big of a deal in terms of power as well

they wanna make a nice chunk of profit as much (if not more) than everyone else

AAACE52557d ago

This gen showed that having the more powerful systems hinders the success rate, because if developers can't figure out the tech or afford to develop on the console, you have to depend on your first party mainly!

Depending on first party devs isn't a bad thing, but it means you have to hope their games appeal to a large audience! A small number do, and most don't!

nightmarex1212557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Right now the industry in a scary state right now, b/c we might see a big shift, b/c all the profits right now are most of casual games wii, kinect, iphone, facebook ect.. and you don't need to have a super big development team to make those kind of games.

madjedi2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

@farsendor It will be 7-9yrs since the launch of the ps3 by the time the ps4 launches, hardware has gone through several generations since then, so even a low-mid range card would still murder the rsx badly.

Just because sony is making it more affordable than the ps3 was at launch, does not mean it will be like the wii was ie way underpowered, learn something about moore's law.

"i guess we gotta count on ms to make a powerhouse system." Are you stupid look at where ms's primary focus is atm, it's not on graphics, but nintendo's market.

This is as bad as the idiots boasting that the wii u, will be more powerful than the ps3/360, i would really hope so since it isn't limited to hardware that has been considered obsolete by computer standards for several yrs.

Ms and sony will launch their consoles at a max of $399, if you want a powerhouse system build a pc, consoles will be using mid range pc gpu at best to keep cost and cooling down.

Machioto2557d ago

That was taken out of context, he meant the leap won't be as noticeable as last gen this one.

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Baddo_Ekkusuchi2557d ago

it doesnt really matter unless its an exclusive game. same with 360 and ps3. nothing still beats uncharted 2 and killzone in the graphics dept. cuz they're exclusives. i doubt other companies would make their games way better looking for wiiu than their ps3/360 counterparts.

You Noob2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

SIX YEARS OLD consoles, and still only SOME GAMES??


CrazyForGames2557d ago

ps3 popped into my head when you said that

jacksonmichael2557d ago

Well... Yeah... You can't imagine all Wii U games looking better than all PS360 games... You can't compare Carnival Games U to Uncharted 2 and expect Carnival Games to look better just because it is on a stronger console.