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GP blogger, Ordinary Gentleman writes, "Alice Madness Returns picks up ten years after the events of the first game. Alice is the lone survivor of a house fire that killed her entire family and has been in psychological treatment for most of her life. While trying to face these specters of her trauma in the past game, she managed to regain some semblance of sanity which then brought her into the hands of another psychiatrist named Dr. Bumby who goes on to continue her treatment at a house for wayward youth."

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BakedGoods2315d ago

It's great to see the non-mainstream press acknowledging this great game.

Considering IGN's 6.5 score, I'm quitting that site.

manumit2315d ago

I only got the game yesterday and i'm loving it so far, love the whole feel about it, gameplay and artwork.

sazzrah2315d ago

Everything about this game screams "buy me! you'll love me!" and I am so tempted... but then all the mainstream reviews are slamming it. :\

I suppose I should just take the risk and buy it, but I have limited funds for video games so I need to pick and choose wisely. It's nice to see some more positive reviews coming out... decisions, decisions...

Soldierone2315d ago

Mainstream reviews pretty much suck these days.

It goes through stages, and if you need proff go watch IGN for a couple reviews. 1 How many fans does it have 2 how loud are those fans 3 how much do these fans support the title

Then its
1 Do we get babied by the studio. Websites will deny it but you know its true. 2 does the reviewer even have an interest in the genre.

The thing is you buy this game simply for story and environments. All these reviews are hating it for the gameplay being like your typical platformer...yet they fail to mention that everything you do in the wonderland scenes has meaning to her real life memories. Notice she can't kill people and only carries a knife for a specific reason. Even the cat has meaning, the boss battles, the level designs. Its so cool. One review even bashed the game because "its too long" give me a friggin break.