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N4G Rusty Hearts Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Only a limited number of players are allowed into the closed beta, and N4G has the keys to make you one of the first to play Rusty Hearts!

With its gameplay debut at E3 2011, Rusty Hearts is a fast-paced multiplayer online action game set in a stylized, anime-inspired world.

To get your closed beta key:
1. PM Cat. http://n4g.com/user/home/ca...
A beta key will be sent within 12 hours (worst case scenario, the internet catches on fire, Cat takes a nap, that sort of thing ;) ) to your N4G PM inbox.*
_____________________________ ____
1. Receive your closed beta key from N4G.
2. Register for a free Perfect World account and redeem your key at http://rh.perfectworld.com/...
3. Submit!
4. You will be updated when closed beta goes live in July 2011. Until then, visit http://rustyhearts.perfectw... for more updates on Rusty Hearts!

*Giveaway will run until we are out of keys, at which point Cat will update this post!* (PC, Rusty Hearts)

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badjournalism  +   1034d ago
Yay! More F2P to mess around in. Might have to check this out.
EYEamNUMBER1  +   1034d ago
i was sent a beta invite but i don't have any intention of playing the game
qface64  +   1034d ago
i got one too weeks ago and i still haven't used it
KozmoOchez  +   1034d ago
I wanna try it, just because I'm feeling a need for a MMO and I'm not ready to commit a monthly fee yet
captain-obvious  +   1034d ago
i'll check it out
KozmoOchez  +   1033d ago
anyone who gets in and wants to squad up, pm me and we can swap perfect world sn info
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1034d ago
Why, hello there sir.
ilikecookies  +   1034d ago
looks interesting
Keith Olbermann  +   1033d ago
Looks good.
chainer3000  +   1033d ago
Key me, plx plx.
subtenko  +   1033d ago
saw the word "hearts" but then rusty was in front of it -_- *waits for Kingdom hearts 3*
evercast  +   1034d ago
Would love a Key! played this for about an hour at e3!
zeal0us  +   1034d ago
another PWE game, won't hurt to try it.
AlucardSeven  +   1034d ago
For some reason the style reminds me of Soma Bringer, my favorite DS game. I'll give it a try.
solfol  +   1034d ago
key please :) can't wait
naBs  +   1034d ago
I'd like to have a key as well, this game looks great :D
CaptainSheep  +   1034d ago
I'm bored this vacation.. I'll try this out! I'll take one.
Motorola  +   1034d ago
Ill try this. I hve nothing to do
MAJ0R  +   1034d ago
this should be fun, count me in
Cablephish  +   1034d ago
Love to try, haven't played a F2P game in a while.
Adamalicious  +   1034d ago
Count me in
Cat  +   1034d ago
Hey.....I know you! :P Get in line, mister!
Sanii  +   1034d ago
ehh, I'll give it a go I guess :)
Farsendor1  +   1034d ago
i would love to play this game looks really good
mangame  +   1034d ago
me please!
Kon   1034d ago | Trolling | show
fatstarr  +   1034d ago
I wanna try this out
Trizard  +   1034d ago
Looks awesome
ShoryukenII  +   1034d ago
I want a key.
Livin_in_a_box  +   1034d ago
Count me in, something needs to break me away from Minecraft...:|
madara0sama  +   1034d ago
Looks like another good f2p mmo.
Gmarino  +   1034d ago
Can I have a BETA key. Pretty please!? :D
artsaber  +   1034d ago
Count me in - I'll take a key
Watched the video, looks like some fun.

Off topic - Kon, how did you troll a beta key giveaway?!?
hamadriano63  +   1034d ago
key please !!
xtremexx  +   1034d ago
looks kinda cool, might try.
arvinder  +   1034d ago
Looks awesome, hope I can try!
Knuxxx  +   1034d ago
Sounds like cool game. I'm on it
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1034d ago
i already have a beta key im just waiting for July i believe i have 2 exta keys if anybody want them pm me.
Thegoodfriar  +   1034d ago
Do want, beta keys are so nice!
McEvan  +   1034d ago
Game Looks decent.
Rynocirator  +   1034d ago
This looks really good for a f2p game...interested
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