Britxbox: Child of Eden Review

Mark Lawson writes: "Tetsuya Mizuguchi is one of my gaming man-crushes. The genius behind Every Extend Extra, Lumines and the cult classic Rez finally makes his true HD debut with Child of Eden. Child of Eden at its heart is a sequel to Rez (BXB review) to which it's a synaesthesia rail-shooter that uses a combination of trippy graphics and bass-thumping rhythm action to create an assault on your senses.

If you need story, multiplayer or other traditional crutches or simply didn’t understand the appeal to Rez, don’t bother. This game lasts as long as you make it, but the original content can be played through within two hours. If you want a non-casual game for Kinect or want to play something unique, I implore you pick up Child of Eden. Games like this come rarely and should be supported."

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