ARS: Child of Eden is an emotional, swirling painting of a game

ARS: Rez was released about 10 years ago, and has gone on to become a cult classic among gamers. It was released on the Xbox Live Arcade three years ago, and, in our review, we said it was near perfection. While Child of Eden may not share that game's name, it's the sequel to Rez, created by the same people and featuring the same style. This is the next game we've been hoping for since playing the first.

The game is on rails, and you move a cursor around the screen to lock on to multiple enemies before firing. By releasing your shot in time to the music and locking onto more bad guys at once, you can increase your score. Child of Eden adds another wrinkle to the game with a machine gun attack that does less damage than your lock-on shots, but allows constant firing and can destroy enemy projectiles.

Yes, this is a simple game, but it's also brilliantly executed.

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Venox20082560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

reviewer speaks truth.... BUY IT!!!! :) one of the best games I've played...

Redgehammer2558d ago

It is a beautiful, and amazing, fantastic voyage into sight and sound, that should be played with a controller, and experienced with a Kinect.

Venox20082558d ago

...and you forgot: music that perfectly fits into game...