Red Orchstra 2 Gets A Release Date And Price

GameBlurb, "The heroes of Stalingard will return in Red Orchestra 2 this year on August 30th. Not only is it a good time before the blockbuster shooters such as Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 but it’s set a competitive price of $39.99."

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gameseveryday2341d ago

The moment I read 'Red' I though Red Dead Redemeption 0_0.. oh well.

RedDead2341d ago

This game is the Pc's best kept secret

ATiElite2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

The moment I read 'Red' i Knew it could only be Red Orchestra 2.

So excited that they moved the date up to August and it's only $39.99....even though it's worth $59.99 as far as quality and game play. I gotta shut down BF2 to get my RO skills back.

Best kept secret on the PC.......not for long RedDeadDestroyer.

Bay2341d ago

Never really got into Red Orchestra (hell, I only heard of it way after it was released). Maybe I should try this one...

bumnut2341d ago

Sweet, last I heard it was October so this is great news.

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