ARS: BloodRayne: Betrayal: There but for the grace of gore go I

ARS: When BloodRayne: Betrayal begins, grim orchestral music swells as the redheaded Rayne enters a gloomy forest. This world is equal parts melancholy and melodramatic, and despite the gorgeous vibrancy of its incredible 2D sprite art, Betrayal is every bit the atmospheric bummer its predecessors were. Suddenly, steampunk robot crab.

WayForward, the developer that brought us Contra IV and the 2009 Boy and His Blob remake, pretends to take a tonal turn with this revival. Really, it's just as wacky as their past games. Rayne arrives at each level via her rocket-powered coffin dropship, gallons of gore spew from dismembered foes to the top of the screen…you get the idea. It's a dark game for sure, but BloodRayne: Betrayal isn't afraid to let loose. The aforementioned oddball boss battle is just the start of the game's steady spiral into absurdity.

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