Analysis: Did The PSN Outage Hurt U.S. PS3 Hardware Sales?

As part of his monthly analysis of NPD Group's U.S. physical video game retail sales estimates, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews examines how the weeks-long PSN outage affected PlayStation 3 hardware sales.

In mid-April, Sony discovered traffic on its PlayStation Network that was eventually revealed to be an unauthorized intrusion that gave access to consumer data. Once the intrusion was detected, administrators took down the servers to avoid further damage.

The network, including online multiplayer gaming, was partially restored on May 14, 2011, and fully restored in many territories, including the U.S., by the first of June.

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Kur02554d ago

Not much at all. WW the PS3 is still selling more than the 360 even after the outage. When will the media stop talking about the outage? That is the real question.

SuperKing2554d ago

Still can't believe that happened actually. If the PSN outage didn't slow down PS3 sales, what will? I can't wait to hear the yearly sales numbers from Sony.

-MD-2553d ago

"I can't wait to hear the yearly sales numbers from Sony."


dangert122553d ago

I know people who still brought one

demonddel2553d ago ShowReplies(2)
subtenko2553d ago

it didnt do much other than extra money spent that a multi billion dollar industry could have rather gave away...

Only thing that really happened is a few ignorant people probably sold or bought another console. Their loss,lol.

I mean, I look at the ps1 and ps2 lifespan and the support, and dang.. Sony supports ALL of its customers to the fullest. If you get a ps3 you know your in good hands.

and all company's get hacked btw..but remember, sony took psn down...(to all u ignorant fanboys out there)

gamingdroid2553d ago

I don't think the PSN outage affects new customers at all. Only existing customers are affected, and as a group obviously they aren't buying a wholla lotta of new consoles.

That said, at last count the gap has been widening between MS and Sony, so clearly the Xbox 360 is outselling the PS3 worldwide even when taking into account Japan!

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Sayai jin2553d ago

No. If you want a PS3 or any other console I do not believe that a obscure and rare attack that Sony suffered stopped people. Plus, even if it did Sony fixed the problem and now the PSN is running smoothly. So if those who were hesitant can see that as well. No network is un-hackable and the majority of people no this.

consolez_FTW2553d ago

Here's a Bigger question??
Why are we still talking about this?

STK0262553d ago

The PS3 is a great console that can also be used as a blu-ray player and has a large library of quality single player games. It's no wonder it sold even during the outage.

However, I'm pretty sure some games had a harder time. Motorstorm apocalypse seems like a barren wasteland online, Socom 4 already had a lukewarm critical reception and being a MP-oriented game (with a SP component), the outage probably had an impact on sales.

spektical2553d ago

nah i was on socom 4 and motorstorm yesterday, very packed.

glad socom 4 came, noobs stay away from this game and it makes it much more enjoyable.

2553d ago
SweatyFlorida2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

It hurt Sony and gave xbots and PC elites something to use when talking trash to Ps3 owners.

but it didn't hurt Ps3 much for sells. Still, bad rep is bad rep and the hack definitely caused PS3/Sony to gain some mean looks from the internet

Jocosta2553d ago

Interesting, during the entire outage it was people such as yourself spouting nonsense from what I saw.