What if Mario went hardcore

ONM's Gav Murphy reveals what the advert would look like.

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Pikajew2464d ago

Harcore gets thrown around way to much. Some people say it HD games and some say violent games. I say its fun games that are hardcore.

jony_dols2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I was expecting a Mario-esque Heavy Rain...

Maybe something like..........................

Mario is a depressed, down & out plumber who's only source of happiness in his sad life, is his girlfriend (Peach), who one day gets abducted by a serial killer, who's only known as 'the Bowser' (his trademark is that leaves a hollowed out turtle shell at the scene of every crime).

Bowser wants to father a child (Bowser Jnr) with the helpless Peach in some sort of sick satanic ritual, after which, Peach will have served her purpose and he will 'dispose' of her.

And you, as the player, assumes control of the protagonist Mario, in which you must follow the trail of clues & track down the Bowser Killer (over the course of 9 months) before it's all too late! And at the end game of the game your faced with the decision to either pummel the defeated Bowser to a grisly pulp with a piece of copper plumber piping or turn him over to the authorities.

Now that's Hardcore Mario!

bwazy2463d ago

Aka peach gets raped by a Turtle?

Yes that makes sense

Smacktard2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I didn't know that "hardcore mario" meant "gameplay clips from mario games with less color and terrible music"

LoaMcLoa2463d ago

Yeah, now that's some casual editing-skills

live2play2463d ago

assuming hardcore here means blood gore and guts
then i'll cease to be a gamer

DarkBlood2463d ago

i know right, super nintendo may have been my first system to play but last i thought games were about having fun playing them not about what it is your playing.

assuming that made any sense as i knew i had a good point going on but lost it as i was typing lol.

Tyler Durden2463d ago

I thought the original Mario games were already for the hardcore gamer.

KingDustero2463d ago

Original yes, current no.

IMO the originals were AMAZING. SM64 is still the BEST IMO. As of late though there hasn't been a single good Mario game for me.

ChickeyCantor2462d ago

And what exactly did they do differently to make it "non-hardcore".

On a second thought don't answer. Your answer will be gibberish anyways.

KingDustero2462d ago


Lol so I'm not allowed to have an opinion.

The original Mario games were AMAZING IMO. They were something new and there was nothing out there that could compete with them.

The issue is that the franchise hasn't changed much over the years and story wise it is becoming more and more childish. They just no longer appeal to ME.

You third sentence doesn't make any sense either. Hate as much as you like, I don't care.

Shok2463d ago

Anyone's who's played through Mario Galaxy 2 already knows MArio is hardcore. That game is hard it'da bitch lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.