TGV @ E3: Exclusive Capcom Trailer Showcase and Impressions

Capcom was so kind to show us a slew of trailers for upcoming releases on the 360, PS3 and 3DS. Trailers varied from “HELL YEAH!” to “GOD…WHY?!”

What's in store for Capcom for 2011 and 2012?

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RustyMagus2312d ago

I'm still sceptical about Dante's redesign in Devil May Cry. His hair turning white during a power up seems like a poor attempt at a fangasm.

Rest looks good, though. I'm definitely excited about Street Fighter X Tekken.

Herminator2312d ago

While I knew of Devil May Cry, I always associate the DMC abbreviation with Detroit Metal City, the batshit insane death metal anime.

jacksonmichael2312d ago

I just looked that up, and wow, that's awesome.

Sidology2312d ago

Asura's Wrath is gonna be the best DBZ game ever.