Shadow of the Damned Review (Strategy Informer)

From "Shadows of the Damned (SotD) is one of the most insane, ludicrous, and downright ridiculous games that’s ever been released. Which is why, for those very reasons, it’s one of the best new IPs to hit consoles in recent years. Don’t act surprised though – after all, its Executive Director is none other but legendary Japanese game developer, Suda51 – aka Goichi Suda. If the name doesn’t ring a demented bell, maybe series like No More Heroes and Killer7 will.".

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led10902553d ago

Wow gotta check this game out

Bebedora2553d ago

A big pat on the back to Marco Fiori, the writer of the review. I actually enjoyed reading it. Very rare for me now a days.

Sounds like a fun game, not stale nor static. I'll see if I get to grab a copy at some point.

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