Gamer Gaia: Interview With CD Projekt RED's Michal Nowakowski

CD Projekt RED is one of the new and shiny beacons of RPG development. As an indie studio, they managed to convince us that they are quite capable of developing quality games with their Witcher franchise back in 2007. Now, they managed to mesmerize us with Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, their new title. We adored the title here and decided to talk with CD Projekt RED about their achievement and the game’s success.
Michal Nowakowski, Vice President of Business Development at CD Projekt RED answered our questions.

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pixboy2467d ago

The Witcher 2 was my favourite RPG from the last decade. It was amazing, so it's always wonderful to hear what they're up to.

GregoryAllen2467d ago

Wow, that's really cool he took the time out of his day to answer questions. I don't care about the Witcher too much, but still pretty cool lol.

maskren2467d ago

GERALT HAVE MY BABIES (and give me a damn Third title!)

lolpidian2467d ago

CD Projekt people are quite friendly, it is a rare and quality trait.

ares21al2467d ago

This shed some interesting light on future projects, Cant wait for the 360 version.

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