Shadows of the Damned - Eurogamer Portugal review said: "It's a relaxed game that is not worried about anything, there is no pressure to compete with other games or to be a technological marvel that draws a console to its limits."

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showtimefolks2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

to make it worth the full price. other than that it looks good and the weapons seems cool can't wait to try it out.

any chance we get a demo?


thank you i will keep an eye on it after last week where every game that came out was bad this week we are getting some awesome games

and i am kind of wrong just because a game is 15-20hrs doesn't mean its worth it look at farcry 2 long game yet boring at the same time

so as long as its fun and its coming from suda so automatic buy

evercast2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

From what I've played so far 7-9 hours depending on how you play on normal.. can probably add another 2 hours onto that if your playing on hard.
But Its a Suda story and I'm really really enjoying it. To me a well 60$ spent.

Deadman_Senji2500d ago

Eurogamer portugal doesn't have an issue with the game...

What is wrong with the damn UK? So jaded and obnoxious.