Did You Know: The History of Valve Corporation

Widely-known for its social-gaming-network Steam, and noted for its smoothly-engineered Source Engine, Valve has been successful to say the least. It rose to fame when it debuted its first video game, Half-Life, in 1998; and since then, its success never stopped. You must have heard of Counter Strike, and you may still be playing it since its launch in 2000. Well, those two games are just a small part in Valve's history, for there's more to it.

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Hazmat132436d ago

i love those things. there cool. also very interesting. soooo how bout that half life 3?

PS3pwnz2436d ago

Very interesting...and note that they've designed many games from original mods. That shows care and interest in the gamer community, and they have been richly rewarded. Lead on!

the_best_player2436d ago

It's good to see Half Life 2 Deathmatch is listed it's a great game.

Best of all it's free for "ATI" and "Nvidia" owners.

Nvidia offer:

ATI offer:

Read more here (forums)

cyborg472436d ago

Thanks a ton for the link mate! Going to get orange box tomorrow :D

mananimal2436d ago

I dont care and it doesnt change my present or future opinions on VALVE, they are EVIL, and only care about $$$ and DRM like control, over your gaming experience. I no longer care about Half-Life 3 or whatever tht fat pig calls the next one. It wont be a DISC release anyhow, MARK MY WORDS, it will only be Download or digital release, to help sell or force the IDEA of Digital download services, which is EXACTLY what the Industry is pushing as their Vision for gaming in the Future. STEAM and the like = DRM, thats the TRUTH.

fullmetal2972436d ago

I know the founder, Gabe Newell, was an employee and decided to quit because he found his job too boring. Gabe sold his games over the internet and continues to promote this method by developing steam.