Kinect - Optional, Not Mandatory - Why get so mad?

Gamertag Radio writes: "So everyone on the Internwebs is mad the Halo CE 10th anniversary has Kinect support. Why?

It's an optional feature that won't change anything for those playing with the original controllers. Microsoft is not forcing anyone to play this game with Kinect. Why are people so mad about something that isn't mandatory? Is it a fear of change? Or just another reason to just complain?"

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Del6732530d ago

How dare someone give us more than one way to play a game, the nerve of some people.

Kur02529d ago

That is true for Move but for Kinect it is being forced in a lot of games where it has no business being. People are mad because MS is abandoning the hardcore.

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Del6732529d ago

But you forgot to mention Heroes on the Move and the new No More Heroes game which are both Move titles. Also can't really compare games that are designed for Kinect to games that have move support. It is literally the same thing differant company. They are adding Kinect support and making Kinect games just like Sony is making Move games as well as move supported games. There is no argument unless both are "abandoning the hardcore," as you stated. The knife cuts both ways in this instance.

falviousuk2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Kinect Fable is a kinect title.
Ryse can use the controller kinect is optional
ME3 is optional
Ghost Recon is optional
Forza is optional

Another ignorant person on here trying to piss on something he clearly knows nothing about.

Learn what the word optional means

The_Ultimate_Guy2529d ago

@ Kur0

Prove to me that game that are only for Kinect would exist if Kinect was not around.

How is Kinect being "forced" on us? You don't need to buy Kinect games. You don't need to use Kinect for Hybrid games like ME3 or GR. Nothing is being forced so quit your bitchin about Kinect. You can play Kinect Hybrid game without using Kinect, so therefor it's not being forced on you. You don't need to buy Kinect games like RYSE which only exist because of Kinect.

Nothing is being forced on you. It's OPTIONAL. Beinf "Forced" means you don't have any options, you have to use Kinect whether you like it or not, and that is only for Kinect only games. Which like stated, wouldn't exist anyways without kinect so you wouldn't have had to play them anyways.

ginsunuva2529d ago

It's being forced on devs, not us.

ImHereNow2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

I see you are still mad that Kinect recognizes you as two people.

I would be mad too if I was so fat everytime I wanted to play Halo Anniversary, it loaded to splitscreen.

snipes1012529d ago

@kur...Microsoft has forced nothing on me. Any core games (such as Halo, mass effect, ghost recon etc.) that have been announced to have kinect compatibility have had it as an entirely optional thing. Just because its there does not mean we have to use it if we do not want to. Forced "in" and forced "on" are two entirely different concepts.

Redgehammer2529d ago

I feel I am a hardcore video game aficionado, and I do not feel abandoned.

kingdoms2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Developers are jumping for the opportunity to use kinect It's not forced It's business. Microsoft are not forcing 3rd parties to support kinect, in some cases all games will use kinect the the devs lineup.

The only people complaining about it willfully ignorant about kinect are people that don't even own the 360 perpetrating the 360 community claiming we're angry speaking for us. All this because the popularity and momentum has caught haters and competition off guard with some even secretly envious for one reason or a other.

southernbanana2529d ago

I've noticed most of the people who are so down on the Kinect sensor are the same people who do not own one and have no intention of owning one.

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fr0sty2529d ago ShowReplies(4)
Agent-862529d ago

I think it's more that some core 360 gamers would rather not have MS and developers waste resources "shoehorning" Kinect into games it really doesn't belong in and instead, putting those resources into making the games better or even creating a new IP or two. I'm a PC gamer myself, but, if I was a 360 gamer, I would probably be a little upset with all the Kinect focus when, as a core gamer, it has little appeal to me.

Bigpappy2529d ago

How exactly is it wasting resources when they are selling more 360 now than they ever have, since the release of Kinect? Why did you not get upset at Sony for focusing on Home, 3D and Move? Kinect has had a bigger impact than any of those projects. Kinect has actually brought M$ new customers. What exactly has those projects done for Sony? You are not making any sense as there is alot of Kinect focus on PC too.

Hicken2529d ago

Probably because all those 360s are being sold to casual gamers, and they're being bought FOR the Kinect. It may also have to do with their marketing strategies when the Kinect first released: you want a 360? Gotta shell out the extra cash to buy one with Kinect, cuz that's all we're making.

Sony's moves made their CURRENT customers happy. They came out of the gate with the MOVE having both a good number of games where it was necessary, and an equal number of games where it was optional. So far, only Child of Eden has "Optional" Kinect support, after nearly half a year of that accessory being out.

Agent-862529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

@Bigpappy, wow, you really love your Kinect. First, it's wasting resources as far as the core gamer is concerned. I don't think core gamers care that MS is selling more 360's to casual gamers because of Kinect. Second, I didn't mention Sony because the article was about Kinect and so, therefore, was my comment. If I said anything about Move or Sony, I would have been called a troll for changing the subject (much like you are doing). And last, there is no Kinect focus on the PC, just a bunch of hacks. They aren't forcing the thing into my games. As far as I know, BF3 doesn't have Kinect in it. There are no PC games that have the "better with Kinect" crap. Thank god for that.

Godmars2902530d ago

1) Because it $150.
2) MS advertised it as an alternative to the regular controller.
3) As an "aid" to a standard controller already existing methods are being ignored. Like voice command in ME3 not being done via headset.

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mendicant2529d ago


Research is your friend.

What you don't realize is that the voice command functions of Kinect are far more advanced than just adding a headset and having it pick out what you say.

Kinect is more so about the actual software, something you obviously know zero about.

fr0sty2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Actually, you need to do some research. Software is software, which means the XBOX (not Kinect) is what is doing the processing. That renders kinect nothing more than a microphone when it comes to voice commands (a few mics actually, but that is irrelevant.). The only thing Kinect is doing is passing that voice data on to the Xbox to process. The same exact thing would be possible with a headset or any other microphone for that matter. Pass the voice signal on to the Xbox, then Xbox uses the SOFTWARE to interpret the command into some form of game control. Nothing exclusive to kinect, which is what Godmars was talking about.

Kinect's voice control works EXACTLY the same as any other form. It listens for words, matches them to a predetermined set of phrases it can recognize, and then uses that as input. Notice every time they showed it in action during the MS E3 conference, they always had certain things you could say to trigger an action? That's why. It's just matching that sound to what it knows those phrases sound like, the exact same way I used to be able to say "Play artist: Tool, Song: Lateralus" with my PC back in the 90's.

Voice recognition is nothing new, and it's damn sure nothing Kinect can only do. Voice control has been in video games since the Nintendo 64's "hey you piccachu" or dreamcast's "seaman". It's not exclusive to Kinect, never was, and never will be. And all it has or ever will require is a microphone and a computer of some sort to process the audio. MS is just making you pay $150 to use it.

mendicant2529d ago

"Software is software, which means the XBOX (not Kinect) is what is doing the processing. That renders kinect nothing more than a microphone when it comes to voice commands (a few mics actually, but that is irrelevant.)"

I stopped reading after that because you proved right there that you have no idea what you're talking about. Processing? You think that's what this boils down to?

Have fun with that.

Redgehammer2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Godmars, why do you not get that a headset and what Kinect does are different? It has been stated in white papers, research papers, N4G articles etc? There is pure science, and engineering, that went into the audio pipeline aspect of Kinect. It really is quite a device. I am not trying to attack you, I just don't get it, that is all. The following article is a good read.
Edited to ask:
Where did you get your infromation about Kinect's audio capabilities?

Sheikh Yerbouti2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

"Advanced Audio Capabilities: Audio processing capabilities include sophisticated acoustic noise suppression and echo cancellation, beam formation to identify the current sound source, and integration with the Windows speech recognition API."

According to your article, Kinect processes sound to allow speech to be captured from anywhere four feet in the vicinity of the speakers, cancelling ambient sound and using acoustic algorithms to pick up everything you say. Thus eliminating the need for a headset,...or you can just have a headset.

I'm sorry, but it is possible without the Kinect. It just needs the code to do speech recognition is all.

Redgehammer2529d ago

Btw it is 4 meters, not feet.

Bigpappy2529d ago

Why are you guys still crying about this. Bioware alread said that the feature is for Kinect because it does not require additional software to work. Kinect has UNIQUE voice capabilities. It is not just a mic.

This is like a 360 owner crying over PS3 owners getting extras on a bluray disk. Bluray is a disk like DVD is a disk, but bluray can carry much more info. Kinect has a mic, but it is not a simple mic like a headphone.

shoddy2529d ago

if Kinect can pick up strong accent then it is unique.
if not then it's same as others.

Frost explain it real well.
face it folks voice command is everywhere.
unique my butt.

my samsung galaxy s2 have it.

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