8 Forgotten Nintendo Classics We’d Like to See Comeback for the Wii U

This Is Wii takes a look at what classical Nintendo games they would like to see on the Wii U.

This Is Wii writes:

"8 – Pokemon Snap

First released back for the N64 in 1999, fans of the series have wanted to hunt around a vast world in the search of those little pocket monsters. What better way is there to capture the photos of the Pokemon with the new controller. You can aim with the Wii U’s gyroscope, with the controller being the camera, and *CLICK* you’ve snapped your Pokemon in game. Then, with the new online features, you could upload your snaps to Facebook or post it online for your friends to see."

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baxy-z2309d ago

Good list. I agree with most of these, but I would like to see Fire Emblem on the new system too. The new controller would make that game easy to control.

ITLoo2309d ago

I don't think I could handle another Pokemon Snap game only because I stopped keeping track of how many Pokemon there were after Red and Blue came out. I'm used to the original 151.

baxy-z2309d ago

Damn some good games there!

gii bro2309d ago

Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Pilot Wings
1080 Snowboarding
Battle Tanks