Farm Machines Championships for PC, 360

EG writes: "It's Farm Machines Championships for PC and Xbox 360, the game you've been braying for."

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Kon2315d ago

1. Make a loud, harsh cry or sound: "he brayed with laughter.".
2. Say (something) in a loud, harsh way: "vendors brayed the merits of spiced sausages"

The Great Melon2315d ago

More vocabulary!!

I am going nuts shoving words into my head for the GRE.

I_find_it_funny2315d ago

they should have announced it at E3

LeftPawedFox2315d ago

yay? O_o i guess good game.. way to go Micro Soft.

Valvatorez2315d ago

Wohoo! Can't wait to plough through this! Lame joke alert!

falviousuk2315d ago

All xbox has are shooters wheres the variety.

Dev makes completely different game than a shooter.

What the feck is this shit, who the hell makes these types of games.

basically the above comments are the usual crap found on here adn from the usual, you know who, crowd.

Complain about xbox cause it only has shooters, complain about the xbox when it gets a completely different type of game than a shooter

Valvatorez2315d ago

Some of us just don't understand the awesomeness of upgrading a tractor.