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The Perfect 3DTV Alternative To PlayStation's 24'' 3DTV

During This year’s E3 Sony conference, Sony announced a PlayStation branded 24″ 3DTV which comes with an HDMI Cable a pair of 3D Glasses and Resistance 3 the game for only $499.99. While this bundle sounds great, there is one particular 3DTV that gives you not only a bigger 3DTV, but a better bang for your buck. (PS3, Tech)

TheBeast  +   1532d ago
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YoungMoney  +   1532d ago
The Vizio is 32" 3DTV, The PS 3DTV is only 24" That alone makes it a better buy for me. Plus, this one comes with 2 pairs of 3D Glasses, Sony's only comes with one pair.
crxss  +   1532d ago
Does it do split screen multiplayer? If no then it's not better. Still panasonc makes the best TVs.
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Eiffel  +   1532d ago

If that is it's only selling point at $500 for 24" this included with a bundle, even then it's not really worth it.

No thanks.

Also if you can play split screen through the same TV full screen, how are you going to know what sound is coming from your end and your friends? Did Sony even mention anything audio wise? Do hope it at least has a headphone set up to ensure no flaws with this feature.
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sdtarm  +   1532d ago
the refresh rate is 60 hz?

then fk not thats way to low

consider ppl that modern tvs 120 hz is a standard and if this is supposed to be 3d the refresh rate will be halfed, so it would actually be 30 hz?

I may be wrong but so far this is not a better deal if you want to be able to actually play on this TV
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   1532d ago
Ball in a cup is even better buy. It's 3D too.
Max Power  +   1532d ago
@Eiffel, the same way you would if you're playing a game in split screen right now.
Eiffel  +   1532d ago
@Max Power

But in that scenario I'd be able to see what's happening on their side of the screen......

You do see the dilemma here right?
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tdogg06051991  +   1532d ago
ugh wrong people
Sony's TV has active 3D and the vizio is passive 3D and this means that Sony has a sharper 3D and more quality picture.
Apophis   1532d ago | Spam
Eiffel  +   1532d ago

You believe I'm trying to find a fault with it? I don't really need to try, it's right there, but whatever. Anyone who brings up a point and people jump in defense as if the person made some sad pathetic goal to bash a piece of plastic. I guess when you have two bubbles your sense of logic crumbles. Seems it's just as fair to assume that you're sugarcoating it.

Enjoy your $300 24" display monitor.
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NiKK_419  +   1532d ago
@Eiffel that's how it is now anyway. But that does make me hope that next Gen consoles can output splitscreen to multiple audio outputs so you could use headphones or whatever because I always hated that about splitscreen
Pyscho_Mantis  +   1532d ago
@Eiffel are you retarded mate....you see how people usually play split screen the sound is exactly like that retard its just the screen's display is different for each set of glasses.
jetlian  +   1532d ago
i'm getting
the 42 inch version for 689.99 dollars. Right now i've 380 saved up. I can't wait i'll definity be ready for uncharted 3

I do believe this tv can do full splitscreen like that youtube video with zombies


i think i'm getting that same one he's using this the little brother =)
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HolyOrangeCows  +   1532d ago
Vizio is an awful freaking brand. If you want a TV that's dead in a few months and doesn't have the "splitscreen" feature, go for it.

60hz, only one premium set of glasses and one crappy one, and it's a crappy brand.
Oh yeah....awesome deal for a few bucks less. /s
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jetlian  +   1532d ago
it has splitscreen. the glasses make no difference and the speed means nothing on passive tvs since you get full scene in 1 go
Christopher  +   1532d ago
Doubtful the 32" Vizio specs will equal up to those offered by Sony. Also, note that only one of the glasses are premium, whereas both of Sony's are premium. Also note that these glasses and screen don't allow for dual player full-screen mode. Also note it doesn't come with R3.

Also note, it's a referral link, so might be just a way for them to make a comparison and hope for some money if you click it and buy what they are suggesting as "better".

In the end, both look pretty good for what they offer.
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I_find_it_funny  +   1532d ago
look at the bubbles O_o
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Ddouble  +   1532d ago
I don't think sony's tv comes with 2 glasses but the specs are better imo.
lordolunch  +   1532d ago
Getting Resistance 3 is pretty cool, but most of us already have HDMI all set to go and nearly 10 more inches for a couple more bucks is pretty sweet
Emilio_Estevez  +   1532d ago
Except this doesn't come with the full screen multiplayer feature, or whatever you call it.
metsgaming  +   1532d ago
and resistance and everything else
TrueStoryGuy  +   1532d ago
Get back to me ...
When the Vizio can output two screens for multiplayer secretcy like the Sony can.
Bonobo12345  +   1532d ago
Erm I think it can, all you need is a bit of tape and It needs to have a TB feature


BrianG  +   1532d ago
Not the same kind of 3D. This 3D is not stereoscopic, it uses the basic movie theater glasses.

Not the same experience.
Pyscho_Mantis  +   1532d ago
yeah you didnt mention the user that to change the cheap 3d glasses he bought so that it had only right lenses or left lenses lol....you FAIL.
Patrick  +   1532d ago
@brian... Actually that is total bs, I have the 65 inch version of this model and its actually the same experience if not better, and I researched alot before buying...I demoed and tried all of them, the vizio is brighter, there is no shuttering effect, and the glasses are lighter and cheaper, I have over 30 pairs now...its just as crisp and the 3d is just as good as active... Passive is the way to go...oh and vizio has also been working on the split screen thing, just not out yet...
Patrick  +   1532d ago
OMG, I never considered that.. I can do this, I have over 30 pairs of those suckers and some of the cheaper ones from cheaper theaters have it where the front comes off and you can take out the lenses. Thats perfect.. plus I can see why vizio said they can easily update their tvs to do this in the future. ... Awesome. Thanks Bonobo..
jetlian  +   1532d ago
whats funny is passive is the first 3d most people see seeing as its the same used at the theaters

both are stereoscopic one just active other passive
Bonobo12345  +   1531d ago
@brian I've tried them both and they are pretty good...

This method does work as well as I imagine it could...
The sony deal is a great deal, But I'm just saying if you want a bigger TV all you need is a bit of tape to fix up the glasses and you've got a multiple screen.

@Pyscho_mantis ಠ_๏
paladinaz  +   1532d ago
I hope people understand that one 3DTV is not equal to another. The article does not even mention if it is a plasma, LED or LCD... What is more, I suspect that this is not even an active shutter technology based TV. It is most likely that this is red/cyan glasses based TV which is pretty much crap, because Theatre 3D is red/cyan glasses. Also, 60 hz refresh rate... Real 3D Tvs have at least 120hz.
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YoungMoney  +   1532d ago
It's an LCD, it's mentioned on the article about 3 times.
Ron_Danger  +   1532d ago
I have the 42" vizio and it's not red/ cyan... It uses the polarized lenses that theaters use... I personally like this 3D better than the shutter tech but that's just cause I can see the image flashing on the shutter 3D and it gives me a headache... The 42" also has 120 hz refresh and the picture quality is awesome... 1080p blurays look better on my tv than they do on my roommates 60" 1080p LCD Panasonic... Get ur facts strait before you post...
mikel123  +   1532d ago
This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen on this site. I am commenting because this is incredibly stupid; this is my 1st comment btw, Im a long time lurker. This comment takes the cake.

The original post by Paladinaz has 3 "Agrees" when his info is all wrong.

Red/Cyan? Has this guy been living under a rock? Theatre 3d is not red/cyan, it is polarized lenses, it hasn't been red/cyan for a long time.

And as YoungMoney pointed out, it says it is an LCD. The title of the Amazon page is "VIZIO 32 Inch Class Theater 3D LCD HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps" How can you miss that?

Ron_Danger has 2 disagrees at the moment, his info is all correct; polarized lenses, active shutter flashing are all correct.

I think we can both see who has the better points for an argument. We can also see how stupid people are for "agreeing" with sheer stupidity, and "disagreeing" with correct facts.
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Ron_Danger  +   1532d ago
Bubbles Mike...

At least some people can understand facts...

I listed further down the page some of the features that the vizio 3D tv's have...

A warning to people who do get any 3D tv... Make sure you turn on Game Mode on the tv so it can adjust to any controller lag and on ur PS3 you have to redo the screen output option so it can detect a 3D display... A new screen will pop up that let's you enter in the size of your display so it can optimize the 3D effect
matey  +   1532d ago
wait all the big dogs in TVs are bringing theres in 6 months SHARP/PANASONIC/TOSHIBA ect all have 32inch range and bigger on the way
Dlacy13g  +   1532d ago
Honestly the Sony deal really isnt that great when you consider its a 24inch TV. I don't care that its 3D and will let two players play couch co-op together on the same tv... its a 24inch TV. That is tiny by todays TV standards and for $500? No thanks. And I had to laugh when they said this was a perfect deal for a college kid... Really? Cause $500 for a kid in college is a lot to ask these days.
superrey19  +   1532d ago
$500 too much for college kids huh? Then where are all these college kids getting $2000 macbooks from?
Dlacy13g  +   1532d ago
Parents are much more willing to buy their kids computers, laptops, etc... that would be used in college versus a TV for them to play games on. I mean come-on, that's pretty much common sense.
superrey19  +   1532d ago
Common sense would be buying a windows based laptop with the same features and speed for less than half the price of the Mac, but that's a whole other discussion. My point is that you'd be surprised at how easily a college kid can justify things like a $500 24" 3dtv to their parents... and end up getting it.
BrianG  +   1532d ago
Some schools give the macbooks out for free.

I went to Villanova University. They offer free macbooks, iPads, and Dell laptops from the Latitude lineup.

Depending on your college at the university you can choose the Apple products or a combo of Apple and Dell.

I went to the business school, which only gave me the choice of Dell at the time.
SlyFoxC  +   1532d ago
i agree with Superrey19
(most college kids have jobs...)

and..i think when they said it was perfect deal for college kids...the price wasnt the only thing thought about when the said PERFECT.

perfect=cost(not to high not to low)size(not to big not to small)

they are talking about college kids...so this is probably the market they are trying to sell too...

dorm room are VERY SMALL! so they aren't going to try to sell a 32"+ tv bundle.

i do not know one person that has a tv bigger than a 26" tv in the dorms i currently live in...its not possible...(well maybe it is..but that tv would take up a lot of space)

this is just my opinion tho...

and with regards to the tv...im not sure if i plan on getting it...not because cost(i have a job) but i have a 45" tv at home that i play on...and a 26" in the dorms (roommates)...so when im at home...what would i do with my other tv...and in the dorms...not really enough room for another tv...

do i want it..yes because it is 3d and i want to try it...and for the cost of this bundle...its like stealing it.
koehler83  +   1532d ago
I'd take 24" Sony over 32" Vizio, personally. Though already having a 42" display, I'm not interested in anything smaller, regardless of its purpose.

I saw a deal last week for a 51" Samsung 550 series, with 2 pairs of glasses and the Shrek 3D collection for $1100. As far as bang for buck goes, that's a nice deal.

I'm going to hold out until I get a full compatibility list for the PS glasses, and compare prices on the compatible displays.

Glasses are still the largest barrier to entry.
GamersRulz  +   1532d ago
Cmon Sony just make it 32 inch.
psnIDwiggum  +   1532d ago
It's a 60hz refresh rate, Sony's is the full 240hz...the 60hz is going to look crappy/choppy...also, what is it? LCD? LED? Does it have HDMI?

Not to mention the 2 player independent view (no split screen) feature...

Consider also the brand...Sony is pretty well known for making great televisions..Vizio? N'so much
grifter024  +   1532d ago
The fact you have agree's just shows how ignorant people are about televisions...and is the reason people pay above market value at brick and mortar stores like BB,Conns,Frys.

1.60hz is NOT choppy and ask anyone that KNOWS about tvs and they actually set their tv to 60hz instead of 24p because and I bet you dont even know this...24p causes flicker. Not to mention almost ALL tv's out are 60hz.

2. LCD/LED have the worst 3d effect out right now. Plasma have really stepped up the 3d game even though I think its a gimmick...LCD/LED tv's still have a long way to go.

3.Who is actually going to want to play 2 player SPLITSCREEN on a 24" tv?! Talk about not seeing anything.

4. Sony is iffy when it comes to brand names and the XBR their top of the line hasnt been selling as well as before....Vizio on the other hand has gone from relatively unknown to bringing out an affordable 3d tv that has even surpassed a few 3d tv's that Sony threw out AND at market value. This tv isnt the one I'm talking about.

As well as Vizio making the first affordable local dimming LED as opposed to that crap side lit LED that populate the area.

Both are crappy tv's though in my opinion...but again ignorance always wins.
kingxtreme81  +   1532d ago
60hz for a normal TV would be fine. For 3D it is awful. The best 3D should be 240hz. 120hz would do, but 240hz is optimal for 3D. 60hz is a joke for viewing 3D, and anyone who knows anything about 3D knows that.
grifter024  +   1532d ago
I'm glad you decided to drop the LCd 3d tv debate since if you are so well informed know side let LEd's are garbage and the 3d that goes along with them well the quality you get doesnt justify the price.

Although you probably wont see it.

But I digress and say both tvs are garbage...

You can find a better Vizio that rivals higher end tvs out now with Local Dimming ....and noone in their right mind would buy a 24" tv for 3d viewing.
grifter024  +   1532d ago
Wow the very fact you have no idea what your talking about is outstanding.

1. As I said LCD/LED 3dtv's out now are a waste of money just due to how poor the 3d effects are on those tv's. Not to mention most people will be buying the side lit LED and have a horrible picture with side bleed and clouding.

Also why are you talking about 240/120hz? LCD/LED are not the only tvs that do 3d and Plasmas do that a whole lot better at a far lower price than LCD's.

Also since you want to use sales gimmics like 240/120 hz which everyone I know never uses 120hz for anything how about Plasma having 600hz.....hmm that 240 doesnt look to good now. ;/
kingxtreme81  +   1532d ago
Ugh. You're quite misinformed on the quality of 3D LCD TVs, among other things. However, we're getting quite off-topic...

As far as the article goes, which compares the Vizio and the Sony, the Vizio is not a good TV. Research the specs. It's simply not. Comparing it to the Sony TV, spec-wise, the Vizio just doesn't stand up. Any even somewhat informed person would know that.
keith-ps3  +   1532d ago
ni$$a u crazy 240hz looks ten time better then on a plasma 600hz and who wants to watch one of those in a dark room anyway
BrianG  +   1532d ago
That 600hz on the plasma is sort of a marketing ploy. It really isn't the refresh rate, I believe it's called the Sub Field Drive Refresh Rate.

Plasma's, since they use gas, tend to measure their refresh rates different to make them seem much better than LCD and LED Tv's. Just a marketing trick.

A 120hz LCD TV will more than likely outshine a supposed 600hz Plasma.


As you can see 600hz Subfield drive would be equivalent to a 60hz TV.
grifter024  +   1532d ago
HAHAHAHAHAH oh my that was the worst thing I've ever seen Brian.

Keith- When you want to argue with someone learn the CORRECT "Than," That you want to use you stupid monkey.

Brian- Really your going to compare a Plasma to a LCD thats the worst comparison I've ever seen. But lets go there.

1. Noone in their right mind uses 120hz cause it looks weird.
2.NO GAMER will use 120hz because who in their right mind is going to play a game where the tv ADDS frames that arent even there?!
3. Plasmas I do agree dont use the same resfresh rate specs but again LCD's are slower than Plasmas.
4.Hell even your LINK shows how crappy the LCD as a tv is just read.
and last but not least I find it funny how the high end LCD/LED's cant even come close to a super old tv in technology age as the Kuro Elite.

Thanks for posting the link though showing how LCD uses the same 120/240 hz marketing trick as the plasma line does....and how your link bashes LCD...you did my job for me thanks.
kingxtreme81  +   1532d ago
Research the specs on this Vizio; they're not very good. Compared to the Sony TV, it pales in comparison.

Not all TVs are created equal. In this case, the Sony TV dominates in specs. Sure, the Vizio is a little bigger, but the picture quality, especially in regards to 3D, will be significantly worse.

More "bang for the buck"? Only if you care for a couple of more inches. If picture quality, again, especially in regards to the 3D, there is no comparison here.
Ron_Danger  +   1532d ago
I've got the 42" vizio... It's much better than the 32" but it also costs $699... 120 hz refresh rate and 200,000:1 contrast ratio... and as far as picture quality goes it looks the same as the active shutter tech... I just prefer the polorized lenses cause i can see the picture flashing on the active shutter and it gives me a headache... And the shutter lenses can cost anywhere from $60- $115 while you can get 10 pairs of polorized lenses online for $20... The tv also has a bunch of picture settings in the options that aren't mentioned anywhere that help when playing 3D games... Plus the remote has a full QWERTY keyboard on the back of it which makes using all the internet apps like Pandora and Hulu way easier...
keith-ps3  +   1532d ago
if this was a 3d tv where did u get it from
Ron_Danger  +   1532d ago
It is 3D... I got it on amazon.com 2 months ago... And it runs all 3 forms of 3D (verticle, horizontal, and sensio)... And the apps that you can download strait to the tv work really well... You can even stream 3D movies on the Vudu app!
Patrick  +   1532d ago
Yeah, and I have the 65" version and have had it since Feb, the picture is outstanding and crisp whether your in 2d or 3d. The 3D is actually brighter than shutter glasses as actives dim.. passives do not. I'm gonna need some of you to actually see them before you knock them.. I was about to buy active until I heard about, read about, researched and saw the passive 3d and I was all on board. Its impressive.
InTheLab  +   1532d ago
Take that 60hz refresh rate TV then cut it in half for split screen. What you end up with is a crappy TV.

If you ignore the main features of Sony's TV, I'm sure any TV will be more appealing as long as it's cheap.
The Great Melon  +   1532d ago
Probably the important difference that most don't seem to realize about these TVs are the type of 3D that they produce.

The Sony relies on the active shutter glasses, whereas the Vizio uses polarised glases. A 30 Hz refresh rate is painful on the active shutters because your eyes most likely are aware of light being block half the time in a second.

The passive polarized displays never stop the flow of light that goes into your eyes, however it will be dimmer because you are filter out half the light. This will not cause nauseating headaches like the active shutter glasses at 30 Hz.

Just to note Imax 3D uses two projectors at 24 Hz to create an effective 48 Hz. Refresh rate isn't everything. Implementation must be taken into account.

Sidenote: Don't know too much about the current tech in polarized TVs, however I hope that they use circular polarization. This will eliminate any angle dependence of polarized lenses.
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koston3647  +   1532d ago
Can we just be clear?

the 24" Playstation "TV" is actually just a monitor with no tuner

and the 32" Vizio is an actually 3DTV with internet access and apps

YoungMoney  +   1532d ago
AllyOmega  +   1532d ago
Although there are better deals than this TV, I don't think that their goal was to sell millions of these. I think that Sony it accomplishing what they intended to accomplish: get people interested in 3DTV's, and lower the perceived entry cost of 3D. Without this TV they announced at E3, 3D would still seem like something I'd have to put at least $1000 into. Now I know there are better deal, and that 3D as not as expensive as once thought. I'm still not going to get one for a while, mind you, but my view on the price of these TV's has changed. That was their plan all along.
BeastlyRig  +   1532d ago
I want LED!! better for the planet :)
AllyOmega  +   1532d ago
Forget the planet, better for me and my eyes!
Graphics  +   1532d ago
LED TVs are the worst compared to PLASMA and LCD. People should really research stuff....
FAGOL  +   1532d ago
Does Vizio even sell tv's in the UK. Haven't seen one yet.
Jamaicangmr  +   1532d ago
How is this better they left off the the main selling point. 3D is great but full screen multiplayer is the main seller for me. It's just that i don't wanna step down to a 24" and i'm waiting on glasses less 3D TV's before i take the plunge but this isn't a better deal.
SlyFoxC  +   1532d ago
ok to people saying that the split screen on the 24" is going to be to small or bad:

"Who is actually going to want to play 2 player SPLITSCREEN on a 24" tv?! Talk about not seeing anything. "

to this i must say...bravo....NOT...lets look at SPLITSCREEN games right now:

Halo:Reach-doesnt matter how big your tv...when you go splitscreen it ration gets set back...not fullcreen.

COD:BO-same deal going on with the ratio being cut back and
not getting full screen with splitscreen

sure this is only two examples...but games are doing this..

so lets see here:

45" tv...cuts back to about....26-32"

but with the new tech in the playstation tv:

both players would be playing on a 24" screen....sure its smaller..but you are actually seeing more of the gameplay...and plus you are only looking at your player and it is in 3D...can your tv do that? sadly no...

im sure tvs will be capable of doing this down the line...but as of right now...the playstation tv is the lone ranger...and you know what...the lone ranger kicks a lot of ass
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TenkoTAiLS  +   1532d ago
40" 3D TV or play my games on a 24" just for some splitscreen rubbish I'll never use. Hell I'd even stick with a 40" HDTV over a small 24" inch TV even if it does have 3D. Sure the price is nice, but I don't know many people that would trade in their nice big HDTV's for such a small screen. I know, I know, it's marketed at students etc, but I wouldn't waste the awesomeness of all the new games coming out, Uncharted, Resistance etc on such a small wee thing :/
Patrick  +   1532d ago
Ok, for people that actually want to know if the Vizio works well let me clear up a few things like the specs.

Some are saying its 60hz halved for 3d.. thats wrong. Its 120hz, halved to 60hz for 3d.

Is it full HD? In 2d yes and it looks great, just as good as any other tv and I looked at alot of tvs before buying.
In 3d, it is not full hd, however unless you stand at 3 feet from the screen of a 65" tv you would never know it. And if you stand that close to any tv that large for long.. you wont know it for long as youll screw your eyes up. The 3d is crisp and clear and bright, no ghosting, no shuttering and no blurring.

Will it do split screen coop on full screen? actually I didnt know it would till a few minutes ago but on this thread someone posted that it would and five minutes later I had flipped one lens on each of 2 pairs of glasses and it as simple as that.. it does, so its full screen coop on a 65 inch tv for me from now on.. awesome.

The internet apps are awesome, the bluetooth remote works great and it stands up against the more expensive tvs easily no matter what anyone says. So many people have seen it in my home and in the store and few can believe how great it is compared to the others. Not paying 100 bucks or more on pairs of glasses.. is a huge bonus. and its LCD led.. so its energy efficient as well.

I'm not saying the Sony is crap cause it isnt, Sony makes top notch stuff and I have alot of Sony stuff in my home, But this Vizio is a great TV and shouldnt be passed over so easily cause people assume cause its Vizio its gonna be cheap quality. Vizio has come along way and they make a quality product. Everyones opinions are different as are peoples taste, Im just saying give it a close look before dismissing it.. I almost passed it over.. and man am I glad someone pointed it out.
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beast242tru  +   1532d ago
well i much rather sony its a better brand a friend has a 32inch vizio and i dnt like the picture quality for games and this shows that sony is a better tv company than vizio they just sell more cuz its cheaper but must pay the price for quality onlything this tv has over the sony tv is the wifi capabilities other than that mehh
darksied  +   1532d ago
Are people dumb? Seriously, is it just because people don't read everything about something before commenting on it that is making people look uninformed? How can you write an article that actually looks pretty decent, but miss the point ENTIRELY about the exact thing you THINK you know about? C'mon people, READ. This has been mentioned so many times right now, but here goes again.

This is NOT a better deal, unless you're not a gamer. The ONLY thing about Sony's TV that is different is something that NO other tv has yet been able to recreate (but is in development and is being researched): the ability to deliver 2 SEPARATE screens to 2 different people watching the television. You see one thing, your buddy next to you sees something totally separate. This is an AMAZING piece of tech, and is not present in other tv's (as far as I know, things move fast, but I don't think this is reproduced in other tv's yet). And Sony has a patent on their tech, so I don't think it's going to be shown in anything other than a Sony. Whatever this tv can do can't compare to what the Sony tv can do; it has the size, but not the same tech.

Some people say this is a gimmick, but if so, then it's one of the best ones that I've seen in a while. And rightfully, this makes the supposedly "better deal" NOT a better deal.

And because this site actually has an AMAZON SECTION, I think it's just an affiliate thing where they make money off of each clicked link. They just want to sell you a supposedly better product when it's actually inferior in what they're marketing it for (gaming).
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Patrick  +   1531d ago
Actually no, your wrong.. The Vizio can very easily do the split screen full screen coop. I made it possible on mine in less than 5 minutes. So anyone with a passive 3d tv can do this, all you do is switch one lens each from 2pairs of glasses and you have it, like I said..mines 65 inches and it works great....im mad I didnt think of it myself sooner...oh and vizio showed this off at a electronics show over a year ago...so I doubt sony has a patent on it....
darksied  +   1531d ago


Maybe I read them wrong, but I assumed that means they own the patents on split screen televisions; so if Vizio showed that a year ago, then I think there's going to be some problems down the line.

I JUST saw this on youtube, and I think it's frikkin amazing. I'm not saying your wrong, but I really hope this is available on any 3d tv. What if it's not Top/Down Split screen? What if it's left right or even the dreaded top left/bottom right split screen that uses up only like 60% of the screen (resident evil 5, resistance 2, etc.)? Are there options on your tv for that?

One thing though: on the youtube video, you can notice that the image is no longer in 3d though. That's the one caveat, and I think that's what those patents are for from Sony; each person will be sent a 3d image, whereas doing this will make it a 2d image for each person, but each person will still get a full screen image. A small bad, for a BIG plus.
Otheros00  +   1532d ago
Vizio is crappy. Always active grain effect when watching movies or playing games.
Hicken  +   1532d ago
One thing you all keep complaining about is the size... which Sony specifically said was for dorm rooms and other smaller areas. You rant and rail about having a 42" screen, COMPLETELY missing that this TV is supposed to fit where yours WOULD NOT.

There's also the active 3D to consider, and the amazing full-screen multiplayer ability, PLUS the fact that it's giving you a $60 game right off the bat. It's a steal that isn't currently matched. Not THAT tech for THAT price.
ATiElite  +   1532d ago
The Vizio is 60hz unless that's a typo.

Always go with Sony for TV's. sure it's PS branded but a low end Bravia that didn't pass Sony's Bravia specs and quality level is better than a Vizio.

The full screen MP is a major WOW factor.

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