The Perfect 3DTV Alternative To PlayStation's 24'' 3DTV

During This year’s E3 Sony conference, Sony announced a PlayStation branded 24″ 3DTV which comes with an HDMI Cable a pair of 3D Glasses and Resistance 3 the game for only $499.99. While this bundle sounds great, there is one particular 3DTV that gives you not only a bigger 3DTV, but a better bang for your buck.

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TheBeast2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )


YoungMoney2434d ago

The Vizio is 32" 3DTV, The PS 3DTV is only 24" That alone makes it a better buy for me. Plus, this one comes with 2 pairs of 3D Glasses, Sony's only comes with one pair.

crxss2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Does it do split screen multiplayer? If no then it's not better. Still panasonc makes the best TVs.

Eiffel2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )


If that is it's only selling point at $500 for 24" this included with a bundle, even then it's not really worth it.

No thanks.

Also if you can play split screen through the same TV full screen, how are you going to know what sound is coming from your end and your friends? Did Sony even mention anything audio wise? Do hope it at least has a headphone set up to ensure no flaws with this feature.

sdtarm2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

the refresh rate is 60 hz?

then fk not thats way to low

consider ppl that modern tvs 120 hz is a standard and if this is supposed to be 3d the refresh rate will be halfed, so it would actually be 30 hz?

I may be wrong but so far this is not a better deal if you want to be able to actually play on this TV

GrandTheftZamboni2434d ago

Ball in a cup is even better buy. It's 3D too.

Max Power2434d ago

@Eiffel, the same way you would if you're playing a game in split screen right now.

Eiffel2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

@Max Power

But in that scenario I'd be able to see what's happening on their side of the screen......

You do see the dilemma here right?

tdogg060519912434d ago

Sony's TV has active 3D and the vizio is passive 3D and this means that Sony has a sharper 3D and more quality picture.

2434d ago
Eiffel2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )


You believe I'm trying to find a fault with it? I don't really need to try, it's right there, but whatever. Anyone who brings up a point and people jump in defense as if the person made some sad pathetic goal to bash a piece of plastic. I guess when you have two bubbles your sense of logic crumbles. Seems it's just as fair to assume that you're sugarcoating it.

Enjoy your $300 24" display monitor.

NiKK_4192434d ago

@Eiffel that's how it is now anyway. But that does make me hope that next Gen consoles can output splitscreen to multiple audio outputs so you could use headphones or whatever because I always hated that about splitscreen

Pyscho_Mantis2434d ago

@Eiffel are you retarded see how people usually play split screen the sound is exactly like that retard its just the screen's display is different for each set of glasses.

jetlian2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

the 42 inch version for 689.99 dollars. Right now i've 380 saved up. I can't wait i'll definity be ready for uncharted 3

I do believe this tv can do full splitscreen like that youtube video with zombies

i think i'm getting that same one he's using this the little brother =)

HolyOrangeCows2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Vizio is an awful freaking brand. If you want a TV that's dead in a few months and doesn't have the "splitscreen" feature, go for it.

60hz, only one premium set of glasses and one crappy one, and it's a crappy brand.
Oh yeah....awesome deal for a few bucks less. /s

jetlian2434d ago

it has splitscreen. the glasses make no difference and the speed means nothing on passive tvs since you get full scene in 1 go

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Christopher2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Doubtful the 32" Vizio specs will equal up to those offered by Sony. Also, note that only one of the glasses are premium, whereas both of Sony's are premium. Also note that these glasses and screen don't allow for dual player full-screen mode. Also note it doesn't come with R3.

Also note, it's a referral link, so might be just a way for them to make a comparison and hope for some money if you click it and buy what they are suggesting as "better".

In the end, both look pretty good for what they offer.

I_find_it_funny2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

look at the bubbles O_o

Ddouble2434d ago

I don't think sony's tv comes with 2 glasses but the specs are better imo.

lordolunch2434d ago

Getting Resistance 3 is pretty cool, but most of us already have HDMI all set to go and nearly 10 more inches for a couple more bucks is pretty sweet

Emilio_Estevez2434d ago

Except this doesn't come with the full screen multiplayer feature, or whatever you call it.

metsgaming2434d ago

and resistance and everything else

TrueStoryGuy2434d ago

When the Vizio can output two screens for multiplayer secretcy like the Sony can.

Bonobo123452434d ago

Erm I think it can, all you need is a bit of tape and It needs to have a TB feature


BrianG2434d ago

Not the same kind of 3D. This 3D is not stereoscopic, it uses the basic movie theater glasses.

Not the same experience.

Pyscho_Mantis2434d ago

yeah you didnt mention the user that to change the cheap 3d glasses he bought so that it had only right lenses or left lenses FAIL.

Patrick2434d ago

@brian... Actually that is total bs, I have the 65 inch version of this model and its actually the same experience if not better, and I researched alot before buying...I demoed and tried all of them, the vizio is brighter, there is no shuttering effect, and the glasses are lighter and cheaper, I have over 30 pairs now...its just as crisp and the 3d is just as good as active... Passive is the way to go...oh and vizio has also been working on the split screen thing, just not out yet...

Patrick2434d ago

OMG, I never considered that.. I can do this, I have over 30 pairs of those suckers and some of the cheaper ones from cheaper theaters have it where the front comes off and you can take out the lenses. Thats perfect.. plus I can see why vizio said they can easily update their tvs to do this in the future. ... Awesome. Thanks Bonobo..

jetlian2434d ago

whats funny is passive is the first 3d most people see seeing as its the same used at the theaters

both are stereoscopic one just active other passive

Bonobo123452433d ago

@brian I've tried them both and they are pretty good...

This method does work as well as I imagine it could...
The sony deal is a great deal, But I'm just saying if you want a bigger TV all you need is a bit of tape to fix up the glasses and you've got a multiple screen.

@Pyscho_mantis ಠ_๏

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paladinaz2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I hope people understand that one 3DTV is not equal to another. The article does not even mention if it is a plasma, LED or LCD... What is more, I suspect that this is not even an active shutter technology based TV. It is most likely that this is red/cyan glasses based TV which is pretty much crap, because Theatre 3D is red/cyan glasses. Also, 60 hz refresh rate... Real 3D Tvs have at least 120hz.

YoungMoney2434d ago

It's an LCD, it's mentioned on the article about 3 times.

Ron_Danger2434d ago

I have the 42" vizio and it's not red/ cyan... It uses the polarized lenses that theaters use... I personally like this 3D better than the shutter tech but that's just cause I can see the image flashing on the shutter 3D and it gives me a headache... The 42" also has 120 hz refresh and the picture quality is awesome... 1080p blurays look better on my tv than they do on my roommates 60" 1080p LCD Panasonic... Get ur facts strait before you post...

mikel1232434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen on this site. I am commenting because this is incredibly stupid; this is my 1st comment btw, Im a long time lurker. This comment takes the cake.

The original post by Paladinaz has 3 "Agrees" when his info is all wrong.

Red/Cyan? Has this guy been living under a rock? Theatre 3d is not red/cyan, it is polarized lenses, it hasn't been red/cyan for a long time.

And as YoungMoney pointed out, it says it is an LCD. The title of the Amazon page is "VIZIO 32 Inch Class Theater 3D LCD HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps" How can you miss that?

Ron_Danger has 2 disagrees at the moment, his info is all correct; polarized lenses, active shutter flashing are all correct.

I think we can both see who has the better points for an argument. We can also see how stupid people are for "agreeing" with sheer stupidity, and "disagreeing" with correct facts.

Ron_Danger2434d ago

Bubbles Mike...

At least some people can understand facts...

I listed further down the page some of the features that the vizio 3D tv's have...

A warning to people who do get any 3D tv... Make sure you turn on Game Mode on the tv so it can adjust to any controller lag and on ur PS3 you have to redo the screen output option so it can detect a 3D display... A new screen will pop up that let's you enter in the size of your display so it can optimize the 3D effect