How To Integrate Cooperative Gameplay Into The Assassins Creed Franchise

Gamertag Radio writes: "From the onset, Ubisoft's Assassins Creed series was all about stealth kills and the interesting locales that are so critical to it. But even in the latest iteration, Brotherhood, the game failed to provide the most requested game type in my opinion: coop. While the competitive multiplayer portion of the game in Brotherhood was quite innovative, I would like to see a proper cooperative mode in the next Assassins Creed game, whether it be Revelations or in the obvious follow-up in the series. This is how I think Ubisoft can implement that desired mode into the franchise."

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femshep2440d ago

how to?

step one.....YOU DON'T

the multiplayer got lucky to be good for being tacked on....even though no one plays properly

DragonKnight2440d ago

There's a proper way to play the online? I have little experience with it, but I figured you just go around killing your target by any means necessary.

femshep2440d ago

yeah it even tells you to get the most points is to be more stealthy but everyone runs around like idiots

DragonKnight2440d ago

Ohhhhh, you mean through the points. Ok.