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New Game Network: "inFamous 2 is a great example of developers understanding that, if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. The original title from Sucker Punch was released back in 2009 as a pleasant surprise, an original IP that was packed with content, an intriguing story, and above all – original and fun open-world gameplay. Accomplishing that wasn’t an easy task, especially for a superhero with no pre-existing comic books to create the lore and an existing fan base. inFamous pulled it off, and with the sequel now in stores, it’s great to see that the developers managed to retain both the fun and excitement of the game, while introducing enough new elements to make it feel fresh again. "

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funktion_d2581d ago

this game has been getting some seriously good ratings. .I just bought it the other night, but have yet to play it. Really want to complete part 1 first..

LOGICWINS2581d ago

Did you open it yet? I ask because you MAY possibly want to rent it.

The two campaigns (Hero and Infamous) are 5/5 masterpieces..but afterwards, there isn't much to do once you beat the game.

I thought that the UCG would give me more replay value, but at the moment, people haven't created the compelling missions that I would have expected. The tools are cool to screw around with, but they take a lot of patience to truly take advantage of.

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the game. I'd be happy to help. I just don't want to see someone else spend $60 for a game that they get tired of in two weeks.

Christopher2581d ago

Yeah, UGC (User Generated Content) is limited right now. And, while many of the Sucker Punch created items show what you can do, some of them also feel a bit amateurish.

I'm not show how much it will take off since I doubt most people buy this sort of game with that in mind.

ilikestuff2581d ago

with games like this i like to buy it used from gamestop beat it before the 7 days are up and take it back for a full refund. free rentals, gamestop is good for something

LOGICWINS2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

^^YES, thats what I should have done..but I lucked out though. A GameChamp opened up LITERALLY across the street from my Gamestop and they gave me $25 credit for it.

I used that money to buy Saints Row 2 and the Bourne Conspiracy.

I beat Bourne Conspiracy in a day, got a full refund(because I'm returning it within seven days) and used that money to buy Max Payne 2, Max Payne, and Shinobi.

I beat ALL those games within a week..and returned them for a full refund AGAIN..and I ended up getting Rock Band 2.

...AND I have the option of replacing Rock Band 2 for Vanquish if I return it in a week LOL(But I won't because RB2 is AWESOME).

I'd say my $60 went pretty far.

@cgoodno- Yeah, anyone who buys this for the UCG believing it will give them great replay value is making a mistake. The UCG missions are NOWHERE near as compelling as the actual story missions.

bluedot1332581d ago

Completing the Hero/Evil story paths and doing all the side missions (60) is already a 25 hour+ experience, which is more than most games for $60 offer as single player. And as others said, there's the whole User Created content, which has potential for many more hours of play. So it's definately worth a buy.

Christopher2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

@LOGICWINS: Shoot, it took me a few days just to beat inFamous 2 on my "Good" play through... where do you find all the time to beat all those games in only a week?

LOGICWINS2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

^^Summer Vaca. No job, no school lol.

@The PC Gamer- Its all subjective I suppose. Everyone has a different perception of the value a $60 game should have. For ME, if I'm paying $60, I want something that lasts me 2 years...not two weeks.

Take UC3 for example. After I beat the SP, I can play online co-op and competitive MP and be guaranteed a brand new Uncharted experience everytime I put the disc in my console.

Infamous 2 on the other hand pigeonholes me into playing the SAME two campaigns over and over again. I appreciate the UCG, but its just not that fun for me to play/create missions that aren't as fun as actual story missions.

PC Gamer, even if u believe that Infamous 2 offers enough value for $60...I'm sure you can understand how a game like UC3 offers even MORE value for the SAME price. I want the BEST value for my money.

SuperStrokey11232580d ago

Totally off topic but how did you get 10 bubbles?

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