Toys R Us Video Game Ad Is A Misprint

From "To the excitement of many gamers (myself included), this weeks Toys R Us circular included the the deal you see in the picture above: any two of the six games listed on either XBox 360 or Playstation 3 for $50. The list included L.A. Noire, Portal 2, Brink, Mortal Kombat 9, Call Of Duty: Black Ops and a F.3.A.R, which was released today. As I already own four of the six games listed there and F.3.A.R was a game I planned on grabbing today, I decided to head on down to my local Toys R Us to pick it up along with Mortal Kombat. The deal in and of itself seemed to good to be true and that's because, well, it is."

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TheBeast2585d ago

Damn, I hate it when companies screw up like this >.>

iforgotmylogin2585d ago

they should be penalized in someway.
in a way that's false advertisement

and anytime they "make a mistake" they can just say it was a misprint or something.

there's no real way that was a misprint

jeseth2585d ago

If you go to their website and go into the PS3/360 games these games are listed as 2 for $50.

It doesn't appear in any menus but I found it by scrolling in the PS3 Games Section.

On that not, Toys R Us's website needs a serious update.

gamingdroid2585d ago

If it is any consolation, a company can't do this too often otherwise people will catch up to it.

Also, some people that showed up when the first ad was released probably got it so I'm sure the company is loosing some money.

joydestroy2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

nah if you have ever worked in retail then you know that signs and such get put out for the ad when the store closes the night before the sale goes on. it is at this time that regional managers are notified, then they notify district managers, which make sure the changes are made at their stores - if there are any that need to be made/adjusted

Sorrow242584d ago

Damn, I'm glad I went last night... They actually did give me this discount.

ChrisGTR12584d ago

i went yesterday morning, got mortal kombat and LA noire for 50$ :D wanted to get fear but hell no im not paying 60$ for it. lol

jadenkorri2584d ago

If the flyers/ads are still up, you get 2 for 50. Company can say all they want "oh we meant to write buy 2 and get a 50 gift certificate", but if the flyers are still up, its false advertising, you can't leave a flyer up if its misprinted. Sad thing is companies get away with the correction at registers cause noone calls them on it. All it takes is asking for a manager at the store, if still refused, then contact consumer affairs and if you have to, contact a lawyer. It may seem a bit much to go that far for a video game, but what would you say if it was a car, or a house.

Vaud-Villian2584d ago

What's worse, the hit from doing the sale as stated or the lawsuit for bait and switch practices.

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Ravens202584d ago

They're a fucking joke, not the first time they mess up a VG promotion.

n to the b2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Xmas 2004 I worked in the electronics dept of a toys'r'us in southern NJ. they would take preorders and then not keep track. they got lucky that not everyone who preordered came in for their game at least once (prob San Andreas) because they had sold all copies and not held enuf for those who had preordered.

effin joke indeed.

DrRichtofen2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Thank God me and a friend went to Toys R Us yesterday while it was 2 games for $50 I feel like such a winner lol @Toy r us

edit - now watch I bet best buy is gonna say theirs was also a "misprint" lol I hope not

Soldierone2584d ago

Has anyone tried taking this ad to bestbuy to get the deal? They are supposed to price match everything, and since its in an ad and on the counter they should be able to price match it....

SpaceFox2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )


I tried at BB, no go. They said they cant price match if it's more than 1 game.

But then I went to Wal Mart, and I got it without a problem. Try your luck there. :)

Urrakia342584d ago

@spacefox - I took it to Best Buy and they matched the offer. Got my copies of Mortal Kombat and L.A. Noire for about $53 man.

showtimefolks2584d ago

and instead of 2-50 there is a $50 gift card i asked about 2-50 the clerk told e that sale was early june even though on their site its still there

in a way they have to sell it if they advertise it but whatever it was weird going into toysrus for games lol

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Solidus187-SCMilk2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

I dont think it fits the definition of bait and switch, but it could be a form of that maybe. Im not sure, but luring people to the store with a great deal and then telling them it is a different deal might fit under that category im not sure.

bait and switch is when they advertise a product and then when you go to get it they dont have it and try to sell you a more expensive product as a substitute.

in this case they have the games, but are not offering the deal that was advertised, only a more costly one. Not suire if that fits under the definition of bait and switch, but I think its pretty sneaky. I dont think that they could make such a "misprint" without trying.

jadenkorri2584d ago

ive never heard of bait and switch, this is basically false advertising, they can cry all they want its a misprint, but they have to honor it. They try to do the correction at the register, but only stupid people accept it.

Schism202585d ago

I would think they still have to keep that deal.

will_c_752585d ago

Don't know how it was a misprint, I checked it out online a few days ago and it acted like a legit deal. It said two for fifty next to the games.

will_c_752585d ago

Just checked site is totally different, it says F3 is back ordered. Too many peeps may have picked it up.

jaredhart2584d ago

I picked up mine on Monday at the local Toys r us. LA Noire and Portal 2. Worked for me.

scotchmouth2585d ago

Whether or not it is a misprint they have to honor the ad from a legal stand point.

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