Square Enix 'Respect' Both PS3, Xbox 360

When Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIII would release on the Xbox 360 it sent waves throughout the video games industry, but they still feel they made the right decision.

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JDouglasGU2440d ago

from a business standpoint, absolutely the right decision. square needs all the money they can get right now.

Sanrin2440d ago

It wouldn't hurt if they games they made were fun too.

k2d2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

"FFXIII (...)were oodles of fun."

No. Just no. I've been in this game for 15 years and know what "fun" is supposed to be. Shape up or take a dirt nap SquareEnix.

Garbage vid btw.

hay2440d ago

@k2d: I heard this game is fun after 30h mark. Been there only to realize that this "fun" consists of one big field with more corridors attached to it, and sidequests which depend on killing monsters which are deliberately placed far away from the "quest" giver to waste more of your time.

Darrius Cole2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

It was okay but it didn't really feel like a game as much as it felt like one big anime movie.

Minor FFXIII Spoilers....
The freedom on Gran Pulse was the high point of the game. That is before I realized that it was all meaningless. I thought that there was something to do or find on Gran Pulse that would have meaning later on. But I was mistaken the freedom of Gran Pulse didn't make 13 any less linear at all.

TheTwelve2440d ago

The combat system in FF13 was severely flawed.


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Valkyre2439d ago

Too bad cause we gamers lost respect for Squarenix

VampiricDragon2440d ago

business standpoint yes it was right

But from a game standpoint it was very much wrong. They already admited to removing features and content soley because they didnt have the energy to make it work on the 360 ie dual audio, more content, ect

gamingdroid2440d ago

Yeah I know, if they would have ditched the PS3 version and stuck to the Xbox 360 version, it wouldn't have any of those problems... The PS3 version was taking away resources from the Xbox 360!

digger182440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Why would they ditch the PS3 version?.. Sony has still a large say in what Square Enix does, since it has around a third of their shares

Christopher2440d ago

Okay. I chuckled, gamindgroid :)

Kur02440d ago

How would they fit dual audio, more content, and uncompressed video/sound on DVD?

Darrius Cole2440d ago


I am still not convinced that it was the best thing for business. I don't how to compare to hypotheticals in few words so I will use a math formula.

PS3 units sold if exclusive > PS3 units sold (multi-plat) + 360 units sold (multi-plat)

Lots of material was cut from the PS3 exclusive FF13 in order to turn it into the multi-plat FF13. So this is not an apples to apples comparison; PS3 exclusive 13 would have been better. I know a better game doesn't always result in more sales but I think in Final Fantasy's case it does.

On the flip side, the material that was cut from the original PS3 exclusive FF13 is now being sold as a new game. So I will have to consider those sales as well.

DigitalRaptor2440d ago

This is why I'm very much excited for Versus XIII.

It's taking so goddamn long though, but at least I know, at least judging by the material released so far, it will be much better than FFXIII, or XIII-2.

I just hope that FF fans adopt it as well as they did for the crappy ones of this gen, and that goes for 360 fans too!

AdmiralSnake2440d ago

Well I respect that end of the day. You should respect both consoles end of the day... at least in my opinion.

Zir02440d ago

Times have changed everyone has too look at the 360 now its got so big. Even those who were loyal to Sony like SE, Insomniac and Kojima.

colonel1792440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

The problem is that MS has built the brand by greed and faulty business tactics, whereas Nintendo and Sony have built their brands from quality and loyalty. Just look at the 360 now, it does not have exclusives. The 360 is dependent on Halo, so much that they have announced 3 more Halos. They couldn't even wait for the 4th to be released to announce the 5th and 6th.

If the Xbox 3 is not marginally better than the PS3 and the Wii U (or whatever console Nintendo has by then) people will ditch the Xbox brand, specially developers. Why would people buy a console for multi platform when they can play them anywhere else, even now in Nintendo's console? I don't like Halo, but respectively, if Sony only had God of War or Uncharted 4, 5, 6 I wouldn't buy a Sony console, and even Nintendo, has more franchises than MS.

Developers will realize this, and as deep as MS wallet is, they won't be able to buy their success forever. They need a real foundation.

InTheLab2440d ago

I mostly agree with you but...

Most Xbox gamers don't seem to care about exclusives as long as they get a Gears, Halo, and CoD.

These same people don't seem to care that they're being charged for the same service as PSN and Steam, or that Youtube, Netflix, and ESPN can be viewed everywhere else at no extra cost.

They don't care that they're playing on borrowed time unless they own a Slim.

Xbox gamers seem to be happy with the current state of the brand.

It's us multi-console owners that have the problem. I can't see myself buying another XBox unless MS shows more commitment to games and 1st party studios.

Paragon2440d ago

Yeah, from a business perspective you can see more money coming in for them. Although a lot of PS3 players get disappointing because of the slimmed down game so it'll fit on the 360 version.

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