Wii U Has Been Planned Since 2007 Says Iwata

gamrFeed - "Both Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto have shared some details on the Wii U during interviews lately. The most interesting point may well be that Nintendo had been working on the Wii U since 2007 - right after the launch of the Nintendo Wii."

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doctorstrange2554d ago

The landscape has changed a lot since then - specifically with Kinect being super hot with casuals. I worry if they can stay competitive with an outdated mindset.

Chupa-Chupa2554d ago

exactly what I was going to say.

DarkCharizard_2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Wii is still the most popular thing among casuals.

"I'll probably get a healthy dose of disagrees" - Trying to save yourself?

"but one touchscreen controller that has virtually zero function without the console - as opposed to countless other go anywhere touch devices" - LOL, this is the most retarded stuff I've ever heard! Its a controller for the CONSOLE, its not a handheld device.

"no HDD" - Internal flash probably 8-16gb, external hdd usb compatible. Cheaper for everyone. Win-Win situation.

"return of friend codes" - Online will be more/about as robust than 360 given what devs across the world are saying. There's not much given about it so making a fuss makes you look like a fool.

"processing capacity only slightly above the 5+ year-old competition = underwhelming" - You should be underwhelmed at how much technology has advanced in the past 5 years. We're in an age where you just CAN'T have such a huge graphical leap at an affordable cost. Get over it, don't be a bi**h. By looking at your comment history it seems to me you're really trying hard to bash the Wii U.. So I'm gonna have to say


pangitkqb2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

I'll probably get a healthy dose of disagrees but....

The Wii U is the best they could come up with in four years of research and Development? Sorry, but one touchscreen controller that has virtually zero function without the console - as opposed to countless other "go anywhere" touch devices - isn't exactly genius. That and no HDD, the return of friend codes, and a processing capacity only slightly above the 5+ year-old competition = underwhelming.

Others may be excited and I am happy for them. Speaking for my own interests...not so much.

Shok2554d ago


You can use external HDDs

Friendcodes are gone, what are you talking about?

When did they announced the specs? Actually, devs are saying that the dev kits they got were 50% stronger than the PS3, and those kits were UNDERCLOCKED.

You're talking about a system you know nothing about.

bebojet2554d ago

All they need to do is spend $500 mil in marketing and they'll be okay.

LOGICWINS2554d ago

Ummm...its a lot easier to sell an add-on than a console when 50 million people already have the console(Xbox 360).

bebojet2554d ago


The Wii is already a loved system for most casuals. I'm sure most of them will go running to the nearest electronic store if the Wii-U launches at the right price.

kingdoms2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

500 million is moot if what your selling nobody wants 500 million was a budget for marketing over a period of time not all at once LOL. Doesn't matter which motion tech has this marketing budget the consumer masses only want kinect. There is no need for damage control trolling.

Microsoft has forced Nintendo to slap this wild concept together recently. I'm sure some of what Iwata is saying is true, I'm guessing the Wii-U concept is a slightly older failed concept which the Wii motion concept won out.

Nintendo seems to be in a desperate mess. Prioritize controllers when all your recent dominance came from motion seems like a bad idea. Trying to go after core gamers with a controller that is not practical and bad for any type of gaming is a bad idea.

I.'m telling you now! small kids, soccer moms, gran ma and pa will not lugg a IPad size controller weighing over a pound so they can half a$$ play games. Little kids that like to break things are not going to be allowed to play with expensive delicate and possibly dangerous controllers so people can place on the ground to play golf on two screens as if kids would grasp the concept and the adults have the patients.

SkyGamer2554d ago

Not just little kids but grown-ups that smash their controllers when they are angry, too!

dcbronco2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Jet I'm not sure many of those people will run out and buy a Wii U. From many of the people I've talked to, they abandoned their Wii years ago and rarely, if ever, go back. It a fool me once situation unless Nintendo comes up with something that makes that new controller a must have item. I think it does have uses for some hardcore games. Mainly shooters, RTSs and RPGs. But that isn't the market that made the Wii sell so well. Most of those people have probably moved on to their cellphones.

But actually, I think Nintendo is still being dishonest about the Wii U. Me thinks they protest too much. If it has been in the works since 2007. They lied on several occasions when they claimed there was no Wii HD. But if it's true that it will use a modified R700 graphics chip and Power7 CPU, it will be a lot more powerful than the current consoles. Especially if they do use 2 gigs of RAM. And there is no reason to believe they couldn't do that and still come in at the $299 price point and be profitable day one. All of those parts have been on the market for at least a year. And they are due for die shrinks by the time 2012 rolls around.

Power7 is a four core 4 thread chip. 360 three core 2 thread chip. Power7 runs faster
R700 is the 4000 series Radeon. 360 has a 1900 series Radeon.

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LOGICWINS2554d ago

If the WiiU even MATCHES the success of the Wii..I'd be shocked!

DarkCharizard_2554d ago

Ya obviously, since Wii is the fastest selling console in the history of the business.


jadnice2554d ago

Well... time will tell. For the first time in a long time Nintendo is going about their new console right with going to the 3rd party developers and not showing anything about 1st and 2nd party games.... in a sense letting the 3rd party run first and in the lime light. Very smart and hence the reason they currently have a much larger lineup of games that previous generation of Nintendo consoles never had.

Put once again time will tell. I have a PS3 and if all I have been reading pans out... It will be complimented with the WiiU to complete my console gaming experience. We live in a two console gaming era.

Trunkz Jr2554d ago

They had that ugly name saved up for all those years? How embarrassing....

8bit_Nes_Rambo2554d ago

The only thing embarrassing is your failed attempt at trolling. Cool avatar, though.

AWBrawler2554d ago

planned != finalized

two different things

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stevenhiggster2554d ago

And yet they still haven't finalized the specs!?

StanLee2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Yeah, sounds like BS to me. If that were true they should have been more proactive and launched it 2 years ago rather than taking a wait a see approach to how well the HD consoles would perform. Regardless, I'm pretty sure Microsoft and Sony will be launching new consoles in the next couple years so Nintendo will stay behind the tech curve.

dcbronco2554d ago

I agree that they will remain behind the technology curve. The question is will it matter. The Wii U will have enough power to make BF3 look the the PC version. Do they really need more than that. I think if they use the new controller the proper way, it won't matter.

jadnice2554d ago

Yep which tells me they are really listening to what the 3rd party developers need to make AAA games for the WiiU. The difficult part for N is at the end of the day and listening to what developers are telling them.... is no getting a balance of power and cost so the mass (core and casuals) can buy it in large amounts from day one. Price point can make or break the success of a console.

lzim2554d ago


But if they were just waiting for it to be affordable.. the least they could have done was include BD and local multiplayer with optional purchase of an extra new controller. wtv

rickhunter892554d ago

bring the gamecube2 plzzz

Kon2554d ago

The WII was released some time ago.

rickhunter892554d ago

i see what you did there.

Fox012554d ago

This is the gamecube4; 4 Gamecubes ducktaped together.

redDevil872554d ago

No wonder they haven't finalised the specs, they're probably still wondering if the graphics card is strong enough.

SkyGamer2554d ago

If it's a high end 4000 series, of course. A low end 4000 series, could be a problem. An HD4350 may have new tech like dx10 and unified shaders, yes Xenos has unified shaders as well, but not that many stream proc where as a 4850 would kick console butt! Especially when paired with eDRAM. Mind you that temp changes are different between the two.

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